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Office of The Prime Minister

Operations And Structure

Operations & Structure

  • Administration
  • Cabinet Secretariat
  • Policy, Monitoring and Evaluation Unit (PMEU)


Administration provides support to the internal Cabinet Office staff to:

  • Manage and coordinate all procedural, operational and logistical services supporting Cabinet and it related functions, including Cabinet committees.
  • Provide administrative policy research and analysis, operational and other support for the Prime Minister, Cabinet and Cabinet Committees.
  • Manage the Human, Financial and Material resources of the Cabinet Office.


The Cabinet Secretariat provides logistical support to Cabinet and Cabinet Committees to ensure that the Government’s business is conducted in a timely and efficient manner:

  • Providing administrative support to the Cabinet.
  • Ensuring timely dispatch of Cabinet Submissions and Mentions to Ministers of Government.
  • Ensuring timely dispatch of Cabinet Conclusions to Ministries and Departments.
  • Maintaining the records of Cabinet documents.
  • Facilitating other administrative functions such as signage of the Government of Grenada contracts and issuing of Marriage and Aliens Land Holding License.


The PMEU provided the Policy Planning, Monitoring and Evaluation Support to the Public Service through:

  • Coordination of the development of a corporate plan for government as a whole that will interpret the priorities and support the monitoring of performance across government;
  • Supporting the interpretation of national sustainable development goals into a single corporate plan for the government as a whole and into the corporate and operational plans of departments and agencies;
  • Capacity-building to develop corporate and operational planning processes and systems in departments and agencies;
  • Monitoring the performance of government at both the level of individual departments and agencies and on a cross-sectoral basis.
  • Establishing guidelines for the development of performance indicators and subsequently reviewing the relevance and robustness of performance indicators proposed by departments and agencies;
  • Undertaking regular follow-up of all departments and agencies to ensure that performance information is being gathered by their internal systems on an ongoing basis;
  • Gathering performance data on a quarterly basis from departments and agencies against plans and performance indicators;
  • Collating and analysing performance data received from all government departments and agencies and producing appropriate summary and synthesis reports for key stakeholders.