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Obtain a Trademark

Obtain a Trademark also known as Trademark Registration. Obtain a registered trademark to brand your business, products and services

Service Information

The Government of Grenada is promoting the registration of Trademarks and other intellectual properties. Citizens are encouraged to register their symbols, logos, and other visuals and texts used during their regular business transactions. At the end of this service, you will obtain a Registration Number for your Symbol, which will then be legally protectable. You will then be able to use the ® attached to your symbol, company name, or tagline.

Foreign businesses intending to do business in Grenada are encouraged to register and protect their trademarks by registering them with CAIPO

A note about Trademark: any individual or company can use a ™ or Trademark next to their symbol, name, tagline or other such assets, without the need to register them. Such items created by a business are ‘automatically protected’ provided you are able to prove that you own that symbol, and have been using it for a significant period of time over another entity that might claim ownership to such assets. However, as such matters can be challenging to prove or protect, it is best to register them and that way establish a clear date of ownership and easily invoke legal protection, even across borders where the product or services are traded.



Process Steps
  1. Register yourself online
  2. Download and fill the Trademark Registration Form.

    Note: It is not required for a local business to use a agent, and CAIPO will help in doing name searches and otherwise take all efforts in registering your symbols, labels, taglines, logos and other assets. Foreign business may use a local agent to aid in their representation and completion of service registration on their behalf, saving a few visits to the island.

  3. You can visit the CAIPO office that will help conduct a search. Essentially this step helps identify other previously registered trademarks that may resemble yours.
  4. A Trademark Officer will help conduct a quick search, and when no similar item is found to be registered, shall save the mark for you, with due fees paid, till such time that the registration is complete.
  5. A Trademark may be registered in more than one category. Cost of registration depends on the number of such categories into which such a mark is registered. It is best to obtain protection for your mark in as many categories as possible to ensure that your name or symbol is not diluted by their usage in a totally unrelated area of business, which could confuse your consumers in the market space. 
  6. Following acceptance, the Trademark and associated details are published in the Gazette and 14 day waiting period is invoked to allow the public to respond. When no such objection is met, the CAIPO office issues a Registration Number and a Certificate, and would then, as a matter of formality, take a second release in the Gazette to provide a thorough and complete opportunity for any one to respond.
  7. Following an intimation from CAIPO, you can visit the office to pick up the Registration copy, or have it mailed out.
Payment Details

Please see Schedule of Fees for associated Trademark fees below-







Application for Registration

$250.00 for the 1st  class and $60 for each additional class

Form No. 1


Cancellation of trademark




Notice of Opposition


Form No. 2


Recording of Change of Ownership


Form No. 4


Request to correct mistakes


Form No. 7


Filing counterstatement


Form No. 8


Trademark search




Submission of license contract




Filing an application to register a  collective trademark

$250.00 for  the 1st class and $60.00 for each additional class



Filing of divisional application

$125.00 for each class



Filing of an application to register 2 or more trade marks as a series under section

$225.00 in respect  of 2 trade marks and $60.00 for each additional mark of the series



Additional fee for filing application under item 1, where a representation of the  mark exceeds 8.5cm x 10cm

$75.00 per application



Request for deferment of acceptance of an application




Request for expedient examination of application for registration of a trade mark




Filing of application for extension of time:( for opposition)

  1. for each month or part of a month for which the extension is sought
  1. additional fee if application or request is filed after the end of the period or time extended






Filing of notice or evidence in  opposition proceedings




Certificate of registration of trade mark

1-4  Classes

5-10 Classes

11-15  Classes

16-20  Classes

21 Classes and up









Publication fee:

  1.   word mark
  1.  combined mark
  1. logo/device mark


$200 for single class and $200 for each additional class

$225 for single class and $150 for each additional class

 $250 for single class and $125 for each additional class



Renewal of registration of trademark in respect of :

  1.  goods or services in a single  prescribed class
  1. goods and/or services in more than 1 prescribed class



$30.00 for each additional class

Form No. 3


Additional fee on renewal of registration of trade mark where request is made within 6 months after the expiry date

In addition to fee under item 23 (a) or 23 (b), $35.00 for each month or part of a month after the  expiry date



Application for amendment of trade mark application before or after publication of notice of application




Application for amendment of Register

$90.00 per mark



Application for amendment of documents other than application for registration of trade mark





Filing authorisation of agent:

  1. First filing
  2. Subsequent filing






Application to record a claim to an interest in or a right in respect of a trade mark




Request for an amendment or cancellation of recorded particulars of a claim to an interest in, or a right in respect of a trade mark




Filing a copy of rules governing use of a collective trade mark




Filing evidence supporting an application for registration of a trade mark




Request for hearing




Attendance at hearing




Withdrawal of an application, notice or request owner




Request for change of address of registered owner

$60.00 per  mark

Form No. 5


Request for change of name of registered owner

$60.00 per mark



Filing of application for costs




Taxation of costs




Certified copy  of a certificate of registration




Certified copy of document other than a certificate of registration




Uncertified photographic copy  of document

$2.00 per page


$4.00 per page




Filing of  any document for which a fee is not provided




Search/Inspection of Register

$5.00 for each file



Request for certification in relation to an entry or matter under regulation 20




Application of licenses:

  1. Registration of a registered licensee for each mark under section 19
  1.  Variation of the registration of a registered licensee entry for reach mark
  1. Cancellation of entry for a registered licensee for each mark







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