Ministry of Infrastructure Development, Public Utilities, Energy, Transport & Implementation

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Responsible for Public Utilities & Energy
Ms. Kim Frederick

Responsible for Infrastructure Development and Implementation 
Mrs. Merina Jessamy

Responsible for Transport
Mr. Willan Thompson


To protect and enhance the Nation’s investment in infrastructure.

To be the most effective, competitive and productive service oriented Ministry.


  • Implementation of Road Maintenance Programme;
  • Ongoing preventative maintenance of all Roads, Bridges and Government Buildings;
  • Provision of engineering and architectural support to Government /ministries, non-Ministerial Departments and Statutory Bodies
  • Management of Electrical Inspections Island wide and conduct examinations for eligible Electricians;
  • Management of Road Network;
  • Management of Markets;
  • Ensuring that buildings to be constructed whether commercial or residential are built in compliance with the Building Code
  • Developing plans for the orderly development of the country
  • Implementation of policies and directives of Cabinet


This Division is responsible for the overall management of the Ministry’s programmes and resources and is headed by the Permanent Secretary.  The Permanent Secretary also provides policy advice and ensures the implementation of policies and directives from the Cabinet.  The Permanent Secretary is supported by a number of Department Heads.  These include:

  • Chief Technical Officer
  • Senior Administrative Officer
  • Administrative Officer (Personnel)
  • Administrative Officer (Finance)
  • Public Relations Officer
  • Senior Planning Officer (Physical Planning)
  • Senior Roads Engineer
  • Engineer (Roads)
  • Engineer (Buildings)
  • Engineer (Electrical)
  • Liaison Officer (Farm Roads)
  • Markets Manager

The Chief Technical Officer (CTO) oversees the technical activities of the Ministry and provides technical advice to the Minister and Permanent Secretary.

Project Implementation and Management Unit (PIMU)
This Unit is responsible for ensuring that all works performed for Government are completed at the required quality, in an efficient manner and is cost-effective.  It ensures that Government receives value for money.

Its functions include:

  • Processing all Contracts being awarded by Government, ensuring correct preparation and execution.
  • Maintaining records of all contracts awarded on for infrastructural works on behalf of the Government
  • Coordinating maintenance, rehabilitation and construction of all roads and government buildings
  • Management and upgrading of Public Market

*The Roads and the Buildings Unit work very closely with this Unit.


This Unit is responsible for the planning, implementation, and supervision of road projects.  The physical construction works are contracted out.

Its staff includes Engineers, Engineering Assistants and Road Officers, Surveyor, Surveyor Assistant, Site Clerks and Clerical Assistants.

Its functions include:

  • Maintenance of the existing public road network to include debushing, cleaning of drain and culverts
  • Improvements of the existing public road network through regular maintenance
  • Construction of new or rehabilitation of existing public roads.

To facilitate its work the Unit operates in two divisions namely the Western Roads Division and the Eastern Roads Division. The Western Division is from St. Patrick to St. George and includes the entire east coast while the Easter Division is from St. Andrew to St. George and all the areas on the east coast of the Island.  The two main offices for the Dovisions are located at Beausejour, St. George and Pearls, St. Andrew with sub offices in each Parish.

Road Divisions 

Western Roads Division
Officer–in-Charge - Mr. Michael Alexander
Phone: 440-3020/5531

Eastern Roads Division
Officer–in-Charge - Mr. Lawrence Griffith
Phone: 442-7349

Road Offices

St David’s Road Office                         
Phone: 444-6242

St Mark’s Road Office                  
Phone: 444-8292

St John’s Road Office
Phone: 444-8230

St Patrick’s Road Office
Phone: 442-9319

The Buildings Unit
This unit is responsible for the construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of all Government buildings to provide suitable accommodation for employees and the Public.

The staff includes Engineers, Architects, Quantity Surveyors and Technicians.

Its functions include:

  • Maintenance of existing buildings and facilities
  • Construction of new buildings
  • Updating of Governments building inventory
  • Conducting of condition surveys


This department is responsible for working with all stakeholders to improve the standard of Electrical installation work in the State by promoting safety of persons, property and livestock to aid in the prevention of potential dangers of fire and other hazards.

The staff includes Electrical Engineers, Inspectors, and Clerical Assistants

Its functions include

  • Inspection and testing of all new installations additions extensions, alterations before electricity is supplied to the installation
  • Periodic inspection of electrical installations, (Government Buildings and public places)
  • Advise on Electrical Installation Practices
  • Coordination of the Electrical Wireman’s License Examination
  • Promote and maintain adherence to the Electrical codes namely the IEE Wiring Regulations (Required electrical installation in Grenada) and the Grenada Building Guidelines

Application Procedures

  • After the completion of wiring your premises, obtain an application form from your licensed Wireman or Electrician. (A separate application is needed for each installation whether it’s a new installation, extension or alteration. The form must be properly filled out and signed by a Licensed Wireman)
  • The relevant Inspection Fees should then be paid to the Treasury, the district revenue office in your area or the treasury sub-office located at the Government Printery in the Botanical Gardens before submission to the Electrical Unit within the Ministry of Works.
  • Areas of irregularities will be noted on the application form provided and given to the home owner to facilitate the necessary corrective works. The Unit should be informed subsequently upon completion of the corrective works. (A new application will be required whenever an application fails.)
  • An inspection Certificate of Approval will be issued if the installation meets the required standards. This will be followed by electricity being installed to your premises which is done by the Grenada Electricity Services Ltd.


MOTTO “A lack of planning on your side does not constitute an emergency on our side.”

The Physical Planning Unit consists of two closely aligned sections:

  • Forward Planning
  • Development Control

The Department is headed by the Senior Planning Officer who reports to the Permanent Secretary.

  • To guide the future development of the State by establishing a National Physical Development Plan, Local Area Plans and schemes for National Development.
  • To ensure the orderly and progressive development of land, in a manner that will protect the environment and conserve the nation’s heritage.
  • To implement the Grenada Building Code and Guidelines.
  • Facilitate improved efficiency in the processing of applications for approval to develop land and monitoring of developments.
  • Implement and maintain a Geographic Information System (GIS) in order to enhance the output of the Physical Planning Unit.


  • Review and approval of  building and development plans
  • Enforcement of Building Code and Guidelines
  • Enforcement of National Physical Plan
  • Prevention of illegal developments


The Physical Planning Unit is located at the GCNA Building, Kirani James BLVD, St George.
Phone: (473)440-2471/4635

These offices serve to decentralize the delivery of Social Services offered by the Government in each parish.
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  • Grenville Market, Abbatoir and Bus Terminal Project
  • Road Improvement and Maintenance Programme
  • Disaster Mitigation and Restoration Rockfall and Landslip Project






The Ministry has responsibility for the oversight and direction of the following Statutory Bodies:

Grenada Postal Corporation
Burns Point St George’s
Phone: (473)440-2526
Fax: (473) 440-4271
Website: www.grenadapost.com

Gravel Concrete and Emulsion Production Corporation
Mon Rush
St George’s
Phone: (473) 440-3686
Fax: (473) 440-6578
Email: gravel@spiceisle.com

National Water and Sewerage Authority (NAWASA)
The Carenage
St George’s
Phone: (473)-440-2155
Fax: (473)-440-4107
Email: nawasa@nawasa.gd


National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission (NTRC)
Suite #8
Grand Anse Shopping Centre
St George’s
Phone: (473) 435-6872
Fax: (473) 435-2132
Email: gntrc@ectel.int
Website: www.ntrc.gd




Ministry of Communications, Works, Physical Development, Public Utilities & ICT

Level 4
Ministerial Complex
Botanical Gardens
St George’s
Phone: (473) 440-2271/2
Fax: (473) 440-4122
Email: ministryofworks@gov.gd




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