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Mrs. Arlene Buckmire-Outram






To provide policy leadership, administrative and technical support services for the achievement of a world class tourism destination through sustainable tourism development while preserving the unique Grenadian cultural heritage.


The enhancement of our tourism and cultural industries with the participation of all Grenadians, to consistently provide a world class visitor experience and achieve sustainable growth, to ensure social, cultural and economic benefits to all.

Description and Organisational Structure of the Ministry

The Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation and Culture is located on the fourth (4th) Floor (south) of the Ministerial Complex, Botanical Gardens, Tanteen, St. George’s. The Ministry is currently comprised of the following Divisions:.

  • Tourism
  • Civil Aviation
  • Culture


Ministry Responsibilities:

The Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation and Culture has responsibility for the management and administration of the tourism, civil aviation and creative industries. It also collaborates with the Ministry of Finance and the Grenada Industrial Development Corporation (GIDC) in providing the enabling environment to facilitate private sector investment.

The following are some of the areas of responsibility for the Ministry:

a) Provide policy advice to Government on matters related to Tourism, Civil Aviation and Culture.

b) Facilitate and oversee the implementation of government policies on Tourism, Civil Aviation and Culture.

c) Facilitate and oversee the development and implementation of programmes and projects related to tourism, civil aviation and culture.

d) Provide the necessary support to all stakeholders in the Tourism, civil aviation and Cultural sectors.

e) Facilitate public awareness for Tourism, civil aviation and Culture through public education and training programmes.

f) Facilitating increased marketing and promotion of Grenada by the Grenada Tourism Authority.




Ministry of Tourism, Civil Aviation & Culture

Ministerial Complex
Botanical Gardens
Tanteen, St. George's

Tel: (473) 440-0366
Fax: (473) 440-0443
E-Mail: tourism@gov.gd



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