Ministry of Labour

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Ms. Lima Federick



Mr. Cyrus Griffith - Labour Commissioner
Ms. Sonia Alexis - Labour Officer
Mrs. Elizabeth Cyrus - Labour Officer
Mr. Reginald Lord - Labour Officers
Mr. Michael Horsford - Labour Officers
Ms. Ray Mapp - Secretary
Mrs. Karen Mitchell-Antoine - Secretary
Ms. Nassil Regis - Clerk Typist
Ms. Nadine Jessamy - Work Permit Clerk
Ms. Jeryll Francis - Work Permit Clerk

Organization Chart (PDF 37kb)


To provide efficient and effective Labour Administration practices for sustained socio-economic development.


To be leading and recognised public sector organization with highly motivated staff, maintaining high professional and technical standards of service for all.





  1. To provide general support services (management, finance, registry and Human Resources) for the Ministry.
  2. To provide advisory services to Trade Unions, Employees and Employers (Tripartism).
  3. To encourage and promote collective bargaining as the machinery for voluntary negotiation between employers and workers.
  4. To provide efficient conciliation and mediation services for dispute resolution.
  5. To undertake Labour Legislative reforms.
  6. To ensure a functional and effective Employment Service.
  7. To establishment a functional Labour Market Information and Public Relations Systems.
  8. To carry out labour inspection services in accordance with existing legislation.
  9. To promote National Development Policies


  1. Reform Labour Legislation.
  2. Undertake a Labour Market Survey in collaboration with ILO & Statistic Department and Production of relevant Labour Market Statistic.
  3. Establish a Website for the Employment Agency.
  4. Staff Development and Training.
  5. Restructure and set up proper data base for Work Permit.
  6. Review of the Canadian Farm Workers Programme


Instructions for the completion of Work permit applications & procedure (Download PDF 138KB)
Labour Relations (Amendment) Act, 2003 (No. 9 of 2003) (Download PDF 290KB)



Minium Wage Order



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