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Historical Events

200-400 Arrival of Arawak Indians.
800-1000 Arrival of Carib Indians.
1498 Christopher Columbus first sighted the island.
1609 First settlement (English) attempted. Rejected by the Carib Indians.
1626-1627 Both France and England claimed title.
1638 First French settlement attempted fought off by the Caribs.
1650 Island bought by Frenchman (Jacques Dyel Du Parquet) and settlement established.
1651 War between French and Caribs. Caribs defeated by French ending in Caribs Leap at Sauteurs.
1664 French West India Company took over the island.
1674 French colony established.
1700 First census: 257 whites, 525 slaves and 53 coloured.
1705-1710 Fort Royal (now Fort George) constructed.
1714 Coffee and cocoa introduced.
1738 First hospital constructed.
1763 Island ceded to Britain by the Treaty of Paris.
1764 Arrival of first British Governor to Grenada - General Robert Melville.
1779 Island re-captured by the French who started the construction of Forts Lucas, Adolphus, Matthew, & Frederick.
1783 Island restored to British rule by the Treaty of Versailles; African slaves brought in to work on plantations.
1784 First newspaper “Grenada Chronicle” published.
1791 The forts at Richmond Hill completed. Market squares established in St. George’s, Gouyave, Victoria, Sauteurs, Grenville and in Hillsborough, Carriacou.
1795  Rebellion against the British, led by Julien Fedon.
1818 Catholic Cathedral built.
1820 Methodist Church in St. George’s built.
1826 Renovation of Anglican Church, rebuilt in Georgian manner.
1833 Grenada became part of the British Windward Islands Administration.
1834 Abolition of slavery.
1838 Slaves freed.
1839 Immigration of labourers from Malta.
1843 Nutmegs introduced, sugar declined.
1846 Introduction of Portuguese from Madeira.
1857 First East Indian Immigrants.
1871 Telegraph connected.
1872 First secondary school built - St. Joseph’s Convent.
1877 Grenada proclaimed a British colony.
1880 The military hospital at Richmond Hill converted to a prison.
1885 Grenada Boys Secondary School established on February 2nd.
1889 First blast for evacuation of Sendall Tunnel.
1894 Sendall Tunnel completed.
1903 A land settlement scheme started in Carriacou.
1925 Whaling station built on Glovers Island.
1928 Electricity installed in St. George’s.
1943 Pearl’s airport opened.
1944 Island Queen “Schooner” disappeared on August 5th, 56 passengers and 11 crew lost.
1950 Grenada United Labour Party founded by Eric Gairy.
1951 General strike led by Eric M. Gairy.
1955 Hurricane Janet struck Grenada.
1958 West Indies Federation set up.
1961 Cruise liner “Bianca C” sank off Point Salines.
1962 Dissolution of the West Indies Federation.
1967 Grenada granted Associated Statehood with Britain.
1974 Independence from Britain, February 7th with Eric Gairy as prime minister.
1979 The Grenada Revolution and the assumption of power by the People’s Revolutionary Government (PRG), March 13th.
1983 Prime Minister Maurice Bishop assassinated in a Leftist coup, October 19th.
Military invasion by American and Caribbean forces, October 25th.
Interim administration installed November 25th.
1984 Point Salines International Airport opened, October 26th.
1986 First visit by a United States President Ronald Regan, February 26th
General Election held - December 3rd.
1988 Grenada National College established July (renamed T.A. Marryshow Community College).
1989 Death of Prime Minister (Herbert A. Blaize) in Office December 29th.
1990 General Election March 13th.
Great St. George’s fire on April 27th.
1991 Terrible incident large rock fell on bus killing all eleven passengers.
1992 First Grenadian (Junior Murray) selected for the West Indies Cricket Team.
1994 Prime Minister Nicholas Brathwaite resigns as leader of the National Democratic Congress (NDC).
1995 General Elections June 20th, N.N.P. elected to office.


1998 Aug 2, Fidel Castro visited Grenada following an invitation from Prime Minister Keith Mitchell
1999 January 18th General Elections, N.N.P. won all 15 seats contested.
April 14th National Stadium commissioned, first international cricket match held West Indies vs. Australia.
2003 Prime Minister Keith Mitchell narrowly wins third term in office.
2004 Hurricane Ivan hit Grenada 39 killed and 90% of the island devastated.
2005 Grenada re-established ties with China.
  Island hit by Hurricane Emily. Storm killed one person, destroyed crops and damaged homes.
2007 UK based Privy Court rules that 14 prisoners sentenced to death over the 1983 coup should be re-sentenced.
2008 Former prime minister, Eric Gairy named country’s first National Hero.
2008 July 8th General Elections, N.D.C. win 11 seats Tillman Thomas takes over as Prime Minister.
2009 September - The last seven of the 17 men convicted over the 1983 coup and murder of PM Maurice Bishop are released from prison after serving out their sentences.
2011 Aug 30th, Kirani James wins World Championship 400 meter finals
2012 Aug 6th, Kirani James wins Olympic Gold 400 meter Finals
2013 Feb 19th, New National Party (NNP) wins 15 seats at General Elections
2014 Nov 24th, Grenada Constitutional Referendum
2018 Mar 13th, New National Party (NNP) wins 15 seats at General Elections
Jun 21st, Opening of the new Parliament building