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Grenadian Visa

Foreign nationals may apply and receive a valid Visa online. The Visa may be used to tour or conduct business activities in Grenada. It is different from a work permit.

Service Information

Requirements & Exceptions

A valid passport and return ticket is required for all visitors. A proof of citizenship bearing a photograph is acceptable from British, Canadian and American citizens. However, please note that as mandated by the United States Department of Homeland Security, all travellers from the USA must provide a passport to enter or re-enter the USA on vacation or business travel. A visa is not required from citizens of the USA, Canada, UK and most European countries, British Commonwealth, most Caribbean countries, South Korea and Japan.

Visitors from most countries can obtain a visa at Port of Entry, for a period of 3 months. One however needs a valid Passport and a return ticket. Visitors from any nationality who visit through cruises ship are granted a 24-hour permit. Extensions are easy and obtained through the Immigration Office.

  1. Valid Passport
  2. Return ticket
Process Steps
  1. Register yourself online.
  2. Upload/Submit a filled form along with scanned copies of a valid Passport. (Note: If you are a Canadian, US or British National, a passport is not required but a valid Identity such as driver's license, or social security will be sufficient)
  3. Track your application status online.
  4. Approval means that a Visa is granted. You can use a screenshot of the approval for your visa to obtain a valid visa at the port of entry.

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