Prime Miinister hails 45th Anniversary independence as a Significant Milestone

Friday, February 8, 2019 7:44 PM- George's, Grenada
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February 8, 2019 – Prime Minister, Dr. the Right Honourable Keith Mitchell has hailed Grenada’s 45th anniversary of independence as a significant milestone.

In his address at the Independence Day Military Parade and Rally on Thursday, Dr. Mitchell said the country has attained an age of maturity having experienced periods of turbulence and it is now well-poised for the future.

“We endured the challenges, we fought valiantly for political and economic recovery and now, the stage has been set, the foundation laid for the future we have so long envisioned; a future where we solidify the economic, political and social gains made, for the benefit of all Grenadians, Carriacouans and Petite Martiniquans. We must continue to press forward on that upward trajectory,” he said.

The Prime Minister noted that Grenadians have demonstrated great resilience over the years and this trait is becoming more evident at the national level.

“We are the inheritors of this resilient nation, a rich legacy that has been passed from generation to generation.

For us to be considered worthy of this inheritance, we must continue to hold high, the ideals of social and economic justice. We must continue to embody those ideals and to fiercely defend them at all times,” he said.

Identifying factors such as dedication, patriotism, sacrifice and service, Dr. Mitchell said these are part of the rich legacy that must be passed from generation to generation.

He also recognised those who unreservedly put country above self to help make Grenada a better place.

The Prime Minister noted that the education of the nation’s children is critical to securing the country’s future. He stated that the many academic successes already recorded, came about through the collaborative efforts of the parents, teachers and other education officials and the enabling environment created by the Government.

Dr. Mitchell encouraged continued collaboration among all stakeholders for the benefit of the nation’s children. “It is that same collaborative approach we must take to address the current challenges that have the potential to impact the future of our children.

It is incumbent on us, as responsible leaders, to bridge the gap and act in the best interest of the nation’s children,” he stated.

Dr. Mitchell reiterated Government’s position, giving assurances that his administration “stands committed to engaging with partners and stakeholders in a spirit of mutual respect, in the quest for economic and social justice for all.”

He added, “As the current gatekeepers of this beloved nation, we must continue to ensure that our children are afforded the best education possible and that they are not deprived of opportunities to excel academically.

The Prime Minister noted too that athletes should not be denied valuable opportunities.

“For our athletes seeking to emulate the exploits of our jaguar, Kirani James and our other sporting icons who have excelled regionally and internationally, we must also ensure that they are not denied the opportunity to showcase their talent on the world stage.”










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