Statement from the Ministry of Youth Development, Sports, Culture and the Arts on the Sending Home of Imanis Rumor

Wednesday, April 25, 2018 11:20 AM- George's, Grenada
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ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, WEDNESDAY, APRIL 25th, 2018 –GIS: The Ministry of Youth Development, Sports, Culture and the Arts would like to dispel the rumor that the Imani Trainees especially the batches 4 and 5 would be going home very soon.

The Imani programme was designed to empower our young people through the acquisition of marketable skills that will render them employable.

Over the last five years the programme has:

■     Engaged 3500 young Grenadians in five batches
■      Had a 90 percent success rate in the attainment of CVQs and NVQs.
■      Secured permanent employment for over 400 trainees.

One of the main focuses of the programme over the last 18 months is the transitioning of the first three batches of trainees out of the mainstream Imani programme -phase one (1) - to phase two (2).
The following transition initiatives constitute phase two (2):

■     HOPE component
■     Small Business(entrepreneurship)
■     Extended training(Level 3 CVQs and associate degrees)
■     Permanent employment
■     Education enhancement( Scholarship)

This transitioning period varies based on the options that the trainee(s) are engaged in. Trainees after their graduation from phase one of the programme, which is two years, can be engaged for a further 18 months maximum. In fact, the trainees of batches 1-3 graduated from phase one (1) and are now enrolled in phase two.

The trainees of batches 4 and 5 of the programme will be graduating from the phase one of the programmes in September 2018. After which, they will be enrolled in phase two which can be as long as 18 months based on the option.

Therefore, let me categorically deny this rumor and confirm that the Government is committed to the empowerment of our young people, and as a loving and caring government will continue to engage our young people meaningfully.




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