Office of the Intregity Commission: Educational Public Outreach Programme

Friday, September 29, 2017 5:09 PM - George's, Grenada

The Office of the Integrity Commission continued its Educational Public Outreach Programme, which was previously held with Government Ministries and Departments, the Media, the Committee of Social Partners, Presiding Officers and Public Bodies.

The Programme was presented to ten (10) of fifteen (15) Political Parties and Independent Candidates invited to the Seminar, on September 27, 2017.  This was in keeping with the Integrity in Public Life Act #24 of 2013, Section 12, (1) (h), which provides that the Commission shall “carry out programmes of public education to foster an understanding of the standard of integrity;”

The objectives of the Outreach Programme are to share information on:-

o   Sensitization on the responsibilities of the Integrity Commission, the Integrity in Public Life Act #24 0f 2013 and the Prevention of Corruption Act #15 of 2007;

o   The National Anti-Corruption Framework;

o   The Commission’s Best Practices; and

o   Building an Anti-corruption Culture in Grenada Carriacou and Petite Martinique.

Presenters were drawn from the Commissioners and members of Staff of the Integrity Commission.

In addition to sensitizing current and aspiring politicians and parliamentarians on the synergies between all stakeholders, the importance of functioning with high standards, ethics and good governance were stressed as being critical to realizing the National Anti-Corruption regime.  There was an interesting and thought provoking question and answer session at the conclusion of the Seminar.

At the request of political parties the engagement will be ongoing. The next batch of political leaders and members who were unavoidably absent will be notified of the next date for the repeat session at their request.

The Commission looks forward to working with all stakeholders to realise an effective and mature corruption free environment through consensus building.




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