The Situation is being DEALTH WITH

Monday, May 29, 2017 10:01 AM- George's, Grenada

ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, May 29, 2017 – GIS: Grenadians are still searching for answers to questions that surfaced surrounding the issuing of letters to students at the Grenada Boys Secondary School by the Principal for the purchase of furniture.

During a recent Government Post Cabinet Briefing Minister with responsibility for Human Resource Development Senator Simon Stiell told the media, the air has already been cleared on the matter.

He said there has been no communication from the school before the letters were issued to the students.

However, the Principal has since been in contact with Ministry Officials to remedy the situation.

“I think it is rather unfortunate that this matter is actually being played out in the media.

You have a very clear policy in place which requires school administrators to submit their furniture requests, other equipment and other requests to the ministry in a timely manner so that the ministry can assess those and based on priorities, based on resources available can address those needs. And in this particular instance, there was no communication,” Senator Stiell told the media.

The Ministry issued a statement highlighting that students are not required to pay for school furniture, in keeping with Ministry’s Policy.

Senator Stiell clarified the Ministry’s stance on school fundraising events.

“We certainly do not wish to stifle school principals and schools using their initiative to independently fund-raise, we are aware of the financial constraints within the ministry.

We have no objections to those fundraising activities, but again, that must be done in coordination with the ministry,” Senator Stiell said.




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