Grenada ready for State of the Tourism Industry Conference

Monday, July 24, 2017 3:23 PM- George's, Grenada

ST. GEORGE, GRENADA, JULY 24, 2017: Tourism and Civil Aviation Minister, Hon. Claris Modeste-Curwen, said Grenada is ready to welcome more than 300 delegates to its shores, in October, for the 2017 State of the Tourism Industry Conference.

The 2017 conference will be held under the theme: “Super-Charging the Caribbean Brand: Meeting the Needs of the New Explorers”. Minister Modeste-Curwen expressed confidence that the island is capable of efficiently hosting the conference.

She said, “I am not unduly worried about any area. As I said, GTA is doing an excellent job. We have a very good LOC – local organizing committee. I’m sure with all of this collaboration, we will give a good account of ourselves, but very importantly we would have some takeaways that can assist us in benefitting. So, in terms of major, major concerns, I’m not unduly worried.”   
Minister Modeste-Curwen is hopeful that following the conference, Grenada will be in a better position to remedy its stagnant cruise industry.

“With the cruise industry, while we have not gone down in numbers, we have not grown and we need to see growth. So, we have to look for the technical support – the expertise – that would be available. So, hoteliers will be there, largely, but cruise industry will be there.

That is my primary concern. We are already working on it, with the cruise industry, but there is never too much that can be done, or that needs to be done,” Modeste-Curwen said.




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