Ministry of Health Monitors Conjunctivitis (Pink/ Red Eye) in the Region

Friday, July 7, 2017 5:10 PM- George's, Grenada

 ST. GEORGE'S, GRENADA, JULY 7, 2017 - GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SERVICE (GIS): - The Surveillance Unit of the Ministry of Health earlier today reported that it is actively monitoring an outbreak of conjunctivitis (Pink/Red Eye) in the region.

The unit headed by Dr. Shawn Charles, shared the report with members of the Ministry’s Surveillance Taskforce during its monthly meeting.

Reports are that on several of the Caribbean islands, epidemics of viral conjunctivitis are ongoing. Recently, general practitioners in the overseas territories of the Netherlands reported an increased incidence of this syndrome.

According to international surveillance reports the number of medical consultations due to conjunctivitis during recent weeks was estimated between 500 and 600 cases per week in Guadeloupe and 150 and 250 cases per week in Martinique.

Outbreaks of viral conjunctivitis occur mainly in tropical countries with high population density, hot and humid climate. However,Grenadian health authorities say that in the Caribbean and in the American region, several outbreaks of conjunctivitis have also been reported in (Haiti, Dominican Republic, Mexico, French Guiana and Suriname) but the pathogen has not yet been identified.

Since the Chikungunya outbreak a few years ago, Grenada has had an active surveillance and monitoring system, that has proven to be effective in subsequent outbreaks like Zika for which the Ministry of Health has and continues to received high commendation for its response.  

Meanwhile the MOH are encouraging citizens to take all necessary and preventative measures to avoid becoming infected.

For additional information about conjunctivitis (it’s clinical description how its spread, and how best to prevent and or manage conjunctivitis please visit the link provided: https://www.cdc.gov/conjunctivitis/about/prevention.html




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