Improving Grenada Security Front

Monday, July 3, 2017 10:26 AM - George's, Grenada

ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, JULY 3rd, 2017 – GIS:  Her Majesty’s Prisons has been making tremendous moves to beef up its security measures.

Its latest feat is the intake of close to 50 officers – the largest batch ever in the history of the institution – into its prison officer training program.

A three-month program, officially launched with a special ceremony at the Police Training School at SSU Base Point Saline on Wednesday, involves training in a broad spectrum of areas including life skills, stress management, internal security and the duties of prisons officers.

John Mitchell, Ag. Commissioner of Prisons encouraged the trainee's to maintain a positive attitude towards the program, as discipline, determination and teamwork will be key, if they are to succeed.

“Success in this program will demand your best effort at your worst and weakest moments, what matters is your will to succeed together when things look the worst, that’s when you will need each other the most, anyone can start, but I pray that each of you remain focus and determined to finish”, said Mitchell.

Also addressing the trainees was Prime Minister and Minister for National Security Dr. the Rt. Hon. Keith Mitchell, who commended the recruits for the career path they have chosen.

“You are embarking on a very noble initiative because the service that you are going to provide as workers, assuming that you traverse this training session successfully, is absolutely essential to the security of the land”, said the prime minister.

Dr. Mitchell said in spite of the sacrifices involved, his government has, and will continue to support efforts to improve the nation’s security front.

“If we do not have security everything else falls down, so it is on that basis that even within the structural adjustment programme, we sought to having an exemption from the rule of additional personnel,” Prime Minister Mitchell explained.

“So the only place in the Government Public Service during that period where we increased staff was the Security Forces in the police Service and now again the Prison services, recognizing the importance of this area”.




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