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Monday, December 18, 2017 4:25 PM- George's, Grenada

ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, MONDAY 18TH DECEMBER, 2017 –GIS: Government is doing all in its power to revamp and maintain an efficient Health Care Sector.

That assurance from Senator Winston Garraway.
He was responding to criticisms made by members of the opposing side during the recent budget debate at the Upper House.

While the country’s Health Care System has come under constant scrutiny, Sen. Garraway says the Government continues to heavily invest in infrastructural enhancement and training to boost its efficiency.
He said more than $400,000 is allocated for refurbishments.

“Refurbishment of Health Centers and Medical Stations, Government estimated to invest approximately $400,000 to enhance infrastructure and prepare facilities for networking with respect to the NTRC project and EMR infrastructure, we are talking about the Emergency Record, Electronic record, so that you can go to any one of the Health Centers across the state and a Doctor elsewhere will be able to access your record and will be able to provide quality Health Care to you” affirmed Senator Garraway.

An emotional Garraway reminded the members on the other side of health care projects that were earmarked for enhancement during their tenure that were intentionally thrown aside.

He highlighted the failure of the Gouyave Medical Station.

“This Health Center should have been there long before, in 2007 the money was there from a grant from the European Union, Government changed and they refuse to work on the project to the point where we lose the money” pointed out Garraway.

The Government recently signed an agreement with the European Union to recommence work on the Gouyave facility in March 2018.




















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