KM2 spreads its wings

Friday, December 8, 2017 2:40 PM- George's, Grenada

ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, DEC. 08, 2017 - More employment opportunities are now being created with an expansion of the KM2 Solutions Call Centre, which operates from the Simon Industrial Park, in St. Andrew.

With the expansion, there’s a projection that more than 500 individuals will be hired.

Jermaine Denny, KM2 Solution’s Site Director, said, “It’s a living testament to KM2 Solutions commitment to continue its growth here, in Grenada.

In the Prime Minister’s recent budget, he indicated there’s been a decrease in the unemployment rate. We would like to think that KM2’s Solutions would have certainly contributed.” to that success.”

Grenada’s expansion adds to the operations of the company, in several other Caribbean islands and in South America.

Prime Minister, Dr. the Right Hon. Keith Mitchell, said the expansion of the company will be reflected in various rural economic opportunities, for hundreds of Grenadians. He extended his Government’s support to ensure the expansion is a success.

“The expansion here today is not just about the jobs for the young people. It’s also about expansion of economic opportunities, in the rural part of our country, because historically our country has - most of our employment opportunity has been in the south of the country.

What has happened, because of this, there has been tremendous movement of people to one part of the country, creating a lot of social problems, whether it’s water, housing, infrastructure – general infrastructure? It has been a problem.

So there’s necessity to provide opportunities in other parts of the country, particularly the northern part,” the Prime Minister said.

CEO of KM2, David Kreiss, highlighted what he termed will be a new perfect storm, in Grenada.

“That perfect storm and you could see in the economics of the US - unemployment rates are going down significantly. We’re probably at about 4.1 percent. That’s considered full employment. We’re also getting wage increases.

So what do companies in the US do today? They can’t find employees to grow; their costs are going up.

They are looking to near-shore for a solution and we, as KM2, are the largest near-shore provider of BPO services and where best to put it? In our best center, right here,” Kreiss said.

KM2 Solutions opened its doors in Grenada in 2010.





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