Chairman of the Citizenship by Investment Programme Responds to Fake News Blogger

Saturday, December 2, 2017 2:41 PM - George's, Grenada

In his latest blogpost, Mr. Kenneth Rijock, convicted criminal and self-styled financial analyst, continues on his paid campaign to try to discredit a number of successful CBI programmes in the region, including our own.

As Chairman of the Board of the Citizenship by Investment programme and as one of the persons referred to in Rijock’s fabricated text message exchanges, I roundly reject the latest blogpost, which has unsubstantiated issues being put out as facts.

Rijock’s latest blog, like several of the previous, is bogus and an outright lie, intended to mislead and deceive people, and to disrupt Grenada’s CBI Programme.

There is absolutely no truth to the allegations made or indeed to the text messages he refers to in the blog post. In fact, the text messages he presents are ludicrous to say the least. Similar to the “Wells Fargo Bank screenshot”relied on to purportedly substantiate the fake news story published by Rijock on 21 August, 2017, the text messages that appear in this most recent blog post are a total fabrication.

Mr. Rijock and his associates would be well advised to cease and desist from continuing to disseminate this fake news pieces, which are clearly malicious falsehoods, as the Government will have no hesitation whatsoever in prosecuting them to the full force of law. 

 Kaisha Ince,Chairperson CBI Committee






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