Government engages the Public Workers Union

Friday, October 14, 2016 11:15 PM- George's, Grenada

The Secretary to the Cabinet and officials of the Department of Public Administration  had a cordial and fruitful engagement with the Acting President and other executive members of the Public Workers Union  on Thursday, October 13, 2016.

The parties discussed a number of matters of mutual concern, as they relate to Public Service employees. Speaking on the outcome of the meeting, one DPA official described the general mood as being “being open and honest,” with all parties “expressing their interest in continuing the dialogue in an effort to proactively confront any issues concerning employees.”

A follow-up meeting is carded for early November.

Government and Stakeholders to meet on Fringe Benefits and Salary Negotiations

The Government of Grenada affirms its intent to continue its engagement with the Public Sector Unions and Associations on Fringe Benefits and Salary Increases.

Government is working towards a speedy conclusion of these matters.

3.  Government and Public Sector Unions and Associations discuss Pension Reform

On Tuesday, October 11th, Government met with representatives from the Public Sector Unions and Associations   to look at a mechanism for continued engagement on pension reform that will do justice to affected Public Service employees across the Nation.

This follows a 2016 study by CARTAC, commissioned by the Government of Grenada, to explore viable pension options and to provide further guidance on this crucial issue.

In April 1983, the then Government of Grenada enacted Peoples’ Law No.  34—The Pension Disqualification Act.  Under this Law, Public Officers who were engaged in the Public Service on or after April 4th, 1983, would no longer be afforded a direct pension benefit from the Government.

Since then, successive Governments have undertaken various initiatives to design an equitable and sustainable pension scheme for Public Officers.

The Government therefore reassures the public that this matter is being treated with the utmost transparency and importance, with a full recognition of the rights and legitimate expectations of Public Officers for equitable retirement benefits.




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