Ministry of Health Dismisses NDC's Claim of Three Gastroenteritis Deaths as FALSE

Thursday, March 17, 2016 6:05 PM- George's, Grenada

ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, March 17th, 2016- GIS:  - The Ministry of Health (MOH) is particularly concerned about the false and deliberately misleading reports circulated by the National Democratic Congress (NDC), which claimed that three babies had died as a result of Gastroenteritis at the General Hospital, last weekend.

While the Minister, Permanent Secretaries and Staff of the General Hospital and by extension the Ministry of Health in general sympathizes with the bereaved family of the toddler, the Ministry is obligated to dispel this latest and unfortunate attempt by the (NDC) to mislead the public, demoralize our hardworking healthcare staff and stir unnecessary fear in our healthcare system.

In recent times, it would appear that the modus operandi of the (NDC) organization is to discredit the healthcare system of our country for political advantage, regardless to the facts, or any consideration for the patients, families, or the diligent staff at our medical facilities.

The facts on this particular case are clear and as follows:

1: The revived Death Review Committee (DRC) met to determine the circumstances and events surrounding the untimely passing of the infant at the hospital.

2: Only one infant/toddler (and not three babies as exaggerated by the NDC) died on the weekend in question.

3: The child was cared for at the General Hospital for a period of three days.

4: An autopsy to ascertain the exact cause of death of the infant is was undertaken.

As a caring and responsible health organization, we firmly believe that one death is one too many. However our healthcare services at the Primary Health Care level has shown impeccable record with our immunization coverage, second only to Cuba.

Additionally, it is worthwhile to note that Grenada's (PHC) program was launched within just 5 months of the current administration assuming office.

Moreover, our antenatal program is highly comparable to any regional territory based on acceptable international classifications. Grenada's infant mortality rate is 9.5%, which is comparable to some developed countries and certainly among the best in the region, behind Cuba.

Meanwhile the (MOH) will continue to educate our clients and the public at large, on measures to prevent and contain outbreaks in an effort to ensure that our citizens enjoy the best possible health outcomes.

The MOH reassures all Grenadian's and visitors alike, that our committed and dedicated staff at all of our health institutions, remains vigilant and committed to the provision of healthcare services and public health awareness to all and sundry regardless of their beliefs, and we call on all responsible citizens to play their part.

In closing, the Ministry of Health extends its most heartfelt profound sympathy to the family of the bereaved. Our thoughts and prayers are with you all during your time of mourning.





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