Government studying plans aimed at boosting Cocoa and Nutmeg

Thursday, March 10, 2016 11:38 AM- George's, Grenada

ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, March 10th, 2016- GIS:  Government is reviewing the recommendations put forward by a consultancy company with regards to the way forward for its Cocoa and Nutmeg Association.

In 2012, a consultancy was launched to analyze the Spice Industry and uncover ways it can become more competitive.

Minister for Agriculture Hon. Roland Bhola says the Government is now strategizing an implementation plan to make the industry more lucrative.

He says the Modernizing of the legislation that both Cocoa and Nutmeg operates from is one possible change.

“I met with the legal person that will be looking at the legislation and looking at how we can modernize the legislation, taking into account the recommendations that were made by the consultants and having dialoged with the major players meaning the board of directors, management and  key farmers in the industry,” said minister Bhola.

“We have given a time span of between March and June to look at the legislation and to make the recommendations and the amendments”.

For years, both Nutmeg and Cocoa have been contributors to the growth of the Agriculture Sector.

Nutmeg brings in between 17 to 21 Million dollars annually and Cocoa receives 10% more than the regular world prices.

“We really need as a government to step forward and say to our people we are ready to take the necessary steps to ensure that one the industry is well protected and two that it is yielding to its potential”, Minister Bhola added.












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