Cabinet Endorses Certification of Licensed Surveyors

Friday, January 15, 2016 4:38 PM- George's, Grenada

ST.GEORGE’S GRENADA January 15, 2016- GIS: Five new Licensed Surveyors have been added to the list of qualified surveyors who are operating in Grenada.

Government Senator Simon Stiell said Cabinet has endorsed their certification to reduce the backlog of cases in the Ministry of Agriculture, Lands, Forestry and Fisheries.

Senator Stiell said at present, there are only 17 Licensed Surveyors; which is a limited amount.

“As there is a need for more properties to be surveyed,and with the back log of issues that we are aware of within the Division of Lands, the Government needs to resolve it. The limited number of surveyors has been a major obstacle for us,” Minister Stiell said.

He said the endorsement is as a result of Government’s decision to re-instate the Land Surveyor’s Board back in 2014.

“What this will do is start that process of bringing new blood into the profession, bringing extra capacity, greater numbers so that whether you are a private citizen or as Government, the pool of surveyors  that we can bring in to address and do  the work is both in the public and private interest.... So this is a major step forward for us” Minister Steill said.




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