IMANI Program being expanded


Thursday, February 4, 2016 2:16 PM- George's, Grenada

ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, February 4, 2016: Government has announced plans to expand the Imani program, with an additional 500 people to be added to the family this year.

Youth Minister Emmalin Pierre reiterated during government’s latest constituency forum in St. Andrew on Tuesday that the well-being of the youth remains at the center of their operations.

She said to date, 3500 young people have been impacted by the program.

“This government has just started a new year, and we are already preparing for another 500 persons to add to what we already have which included the persons that were suppose to finish in November that we said, no look we are making another sacrifice so persons like your son who is in the program, these persons have the opportunity to not only gain an experience but to prove that they are serious about moving on in life,” said Minister Pierre.

“I have said to them, your name is already listed we know it’s in the system, and we are committed to taking another 500 and another 500. We have committed”.

The Youth Minister’s comments have been echoed by Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell, who said that more than 30 million dollars have been spent to date on youth development.
“We expect the private sector to help.

We expect our friend regionally and internationally to help, we are seeking support,” Dr. Mitchell said.

“We doing everything we can, because we know we have to solve it and we in government, we know the people looking to us for hope, and we not going to duck that responsibility”.




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