State of the Art Cardiovascular Catheterization Intervention Machine installed at General Hospital

Friday, October 2, 2015 4:19 AM - George's, Grenada
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ST. GEORGE'S, GRENADA, OCTOBER 2, 2015, GOVERNMENT INFORMATION SERVICE (GIS): A brand new state-of-the-art cardiovascular catheterization intervention machine has been installed and is operational at the medical theater of General Hospital.

The machine, which is said to be worth hundreds of thousands of United States dollars, was officially unveiled and commissioned by Health Minister - Nickolas Steele, Interventional Cardiologist - Dr. Mark Lanziari and St. George’s University’s Chancellor - Dr. Charles Modica, on Wednesday.

The benefactor of the equipment Dr. Lanziari, is an American Interventional Cardiologist and a graduate of the (SGU).

His journey began in 2000 when he returned to perform his first pacemaker insertion at the hospital explained Dr. Kester Dragon the hospital’s Medical Director.

“I see the things that are done here in Grenada with what’s available and I’m really impressed, humbled and it makes every trip much more special”, Dr. Lanziari told health, government and media officials during the short ceremony.

According to the specialist a decade ago he and his colleagues were young and eager to do what they do and today they continue to do so because of the lives it touches.

“I think the creativity is easy, but recognizing the elements of creativity they’re being present and the medium is very difficult. And I think there is a group of people here who recognized that the time was right, the right players were in place and it was the time to bring cardiology to Grenada”, Dr. Lanziari said this is not the end neither the pinnacle of what they can accomplish in cardiology.

The American heart specialist was also grateful for the support of his American and Grenadian counterparts whom he hailed as key players in the cardiology program.

However Health Minister Steele who accepted the high-valued medical equipment on behalf of Government and people of Grenada described the occasion as long lasting.

“The value of the equipment that is being donated, not just its financial value or the opportunity for us to have it here in Grenada, but the greatest value for us, is its ability to allow you and you team to do more for us when you come to Grenada”,
“We thank you for the work that you do and your ability to go beyond that and provide this equipment to Grenada, not just for when you return to do your work, but it can be useful and touch more lives in Grenada”, Steele told Dr. Lanzari.

The Grenadian Health Minister, who also thanked Dr. Charles Modica, Provost Allen Pensick for their continued support towards healthcare and the Grenadian people, said he truly believes that Dr. Lanzari does what he does not for recognition but for the lives he touches.

Meanwhile the 2015 cardiology program has resulted in the successful completion of ten heart surgeries and pacemaker insertions valued in excess of EC$535,000.00.

All surgeries were conducted at the General Hospital from September 28 - October 2, 2015. Since the cardiology program began 16 years ago, more than 70 heart related surgeries were undertaken.




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