CPEA Scheduled for May 15

Monday, May 11, 2015 4:13 PM - George's, Grenada
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ST. GEORGE, GRENADA, May 11, 2015 - GIS: The final (external) component of the Caribbean Primary Exit Assessment (CPEA) is scheduled for Friday May 15th, 2015.

One thousand eight hundred and thirty-seven (1837) students are registered for the Assessment. These include nine hundred and forty-three (943) males and eight hundred and ninety-four (894) females.

In 2014, One thousand six hundred and five (1605) candidates were registered; eight hundred and thirteen (813) were males and seven hundred and ninety-two (792) were females.

The assessment commences at 9 a.m. and will be conducted in fifty-two (52) centres throughout Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique. At 1: 45 p.m. all students are expected to finish the examination.


CPEA will be opened to all students who are eleven (11) but not yet fourteen (14) years of age on August 31st, 2015.  It will consist of three multiple choice papers in the following areas:

1.     Mathematics (50 items)

2.     Language Arts (50 items)

3.     Science (50 items)

Each paper will be seventy-five (75) minutes in duration. The table below reflects the schedule for the examination.






May 15th, 2015

9:00 a.m.

75 minutes


BREAK                            10:15 A.M. – 10:30 A.M.                             15 MINUTES



May 15th, 2015

10:30 a.m.

75 minutes


LUNCH                            11:45 A.M – 12:30 P.M.                               45 MINUTES



May 15th, 2015

12:30 p.m.

75 minutes




NB:      No mobile telephones/other electronic devices would be allowed at the examination centres. Electronic calculators are forbidden. Candidates should bring along 3B or 2B pencils, to answer multiple choice questions.



Before the Examination

·        Be prepared

·        Have a positive attitude

·         Get to bed early the night before the examination. Remember, your brain and body need sleep to function well.

·         A program of exercise is said to sharpen the mind.

·         Do not skip breakfast, on the morning of the examination. Fresh fruits and vegetables are often recommended to reduce stress.

·         Get to school, or your centre, early on the morning of the Examination.

·          Relax just before the exam.


During the Examination

·         Read the instructions carefully. Make sure you are shading answers correctly and that the number you are shading corresponds to the question number.

·         Manage your time wisely.

·         If you go blank, skip the question and move on.

·         Do not get worried or frustrated if a problem seems tricky. Re-read the question to make sure you understand it. Do not panic.








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