PM reports Progress on Project Grenada platform

Monday, February 9, 2015 4:16 PM - George's, Grenada
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ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, February 9, 2015 – GIS: Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell has reported to the nation that the country is making steady progress under the banner of a new platform initiative called Project Grenada.

Addressing a military parade and rally at the national stadium over the weekend, Prime Minister Mitchell says different interest groups have been working with government as part of a collective approach to nation building.

They include the churches, trade unions, private sector and NGOs as part of the social partner’s forum which has been meeting with the government consistently for the past two years.

“PROJECT GRENADA is social partners coming together around the common table to work for the collective betterment,” Prime Minister Mitchell explained.

“PROJECT GRENADA is the buy-in we have spoken about, and the sacrifices our people have made in our efforts to turn around the economy”.

On his return to government, Prime Minister Mitchell had called on various sectors including the trade unions for support in tackling Grenada’s problems.

Dr. Mitchell has publicly praised the level of support provided by the social partners and has attributed this to the success of the structural adjustment programme as well as the country receiving more than 100 million dollars in financial support from foreign donors.

“PROJECT GRENADA is the understanding our trade union leaders have shown in coming to terms that even their just demands must be addressed in the general context of all of the common good,” the Grenadian leader said.

“A successful implementation of PROJECT GRENADA will change real lives in Mama Cannes and Mt. Horne; in Harmony Hall and Harvey Vale”.

Prime Minister Mitchell says the government will continue to work with various interest groups to bring betterment for the country.

Dr. Mitchell, one of the country’s longest serving public officials, has a long track record of working with various groups and individuals for national development.

“Most Grenadians and our leaders have got it -- PROJECT GRENADA means one for all, and all for one,” the Prime Minister explained.

“It means moving forward, in unity, to build a stronger nation”.




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