Factsheet: Ministry of Health Initiatives -Re the management of Chikungunya and Mosquito breeding thoughout the state of Grenada

Friday, September 12, 2014 7:06 PM - George's, Grenada
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ST. GEORGE’S GRENADA, SEPTEMBER 12, 2014 - GIS: _ The Ministry of Health and Social Security (MOHSS) from the very onset has been at the forefront in the prevention and management of mosquito borne diseases. Most recently the MOH has been aggressively addressing the issues of Dengue and Chikungunya, presently endemic in the tri-island.

Notwithstanding our limited resources the MOH by virtue of its mandate and in keeping with its vision and mission, undertook several new and traditional measures geared towards prevention, managing and control, to reduce the burden and impact of the diseases on the States and Grenadians on a whole.

Here is a summary of some of the activities undertaken by the MOH thus far, for the benefit of our citizens in relation to ChikV and Mosquitoes in general.

* The MOH began its public education and awareness campaign on the Chikungunya virus and mosquito breeding in January of this year, while other countries in the region were not.

* The MOH spare headed a two-day national cleanup campaign on February 1 and 2 of this year. However it must be noted, that we did not see the public’s fullest support.

* The MOH led by our dynamic, competent and well respected Minister Dr. The Hon. Clarice Modeste-Curwen led the charge, announced and addressed the nation through the official House of Parliament in early 2014 and subsequently thereafter; on the state of affairs re Chikungunya and the Ministry's handling of the matter.

* The MOH had procured several treated nets that were distributed among the various health facilities at the hospital and community levels to deal with the ChikV outbreak.

* For the first time in modern history and in just over a decade has the Ministry of Health led by the Minister for Health Dr. The Hon. Clarice Modeste-Curwen constituted a dedicated and well experienced national task force to deal with the prevention and management of public health issues such as ChikV.

The task force membership includes the MOH, SGU department of Public Health, WINDREF, the RGPF/immigration Dept, GSWMA, GMA, Grenada Ports Authority, Grenada Airport Authority, the MOE, MOA, MOFA, MOW, MOT, among others.

* The MOH has spearheaded a walkabout through the streets of St. George's and Grenville, handing out educational materials and engaging persons on and about ChikV and mosquitoes.

The walkabout was led by then P.S, Mr. Aaron Francois, PAHO/WHO country program specialist for Grenada and St. Vincent and the Grenadines - Ms. Tessa Stroude, and included CMO Dr. George Mitchell, CCHN Debbie Francis, Information Officer Keville Frederick along with two teacher volunteers.

* The MOH has also developed, mass-produced and distributed at the MBIA a data collection contact-tracing form in three languages namely; English, Spanish and French. Same was highly commended by SGU, WINDREF, CARPHA, WHO/PAHO as Grenada was the first country in the English speaking Caribbean to take such a step.

* The MOH continues to inform the Grenadian media and the public at large on steps being taken and the impact of the ChikV outbreak on health and the country on a whole through its media networks and with educational materials.

* The MOH officers has been holding community educational sessions at the various health centers, schools and churches on the ChikV issue.
* The MOH has also kept its public education and fogging campaign alive, as well as it social media campaign ongoing.

* The ministry continues to meet and periodically provides substantive update to the public and stakeholders.

* The MOH through the GIS has produced two well researched in-depth features on the ChikV/mosquito situation in Grenada, and a forty-five minute documentary on same.

* The health promotion and vector control departments has conducted house to house educational sessions with homeowners in the south and other parts of the island including the sister isles.

* The MOH has spent thousands on public educational materials, fogging, overtime etc, notwithstanding our very limited financial resources. Please see financial statement;
Expenditure for Fogging Operation

  • Over Time: EC $31,402.50 per annum (Approx. EC $2,616.87 per month)
  • Fuel: EC $ 66,576.56 per annum (Approx. EC $5,548.04 per month)
  • Malathion: EC $16,073.77 per annum (NB: Depending on Usage/Emergencies)


  • Over Time: EC $33,662.06 (Jan-Sept 12, 2014) (Approx. EC $3,740.22- per month)
  • Fuel: EC $ 34,226.53 (Jan-July 31, 2014) - (EC $4,889.50 - per month)
  • EC $ 6,438.54 (August, 2014) - (EC $4,889.50 - per month)
  • Malathion: EC $13,262.94 (NB: Thus far - Sept 12,2014.)

Inarguably, the MOH can confidently state that it has being at the forefront in the execution and performance of its civic duties and responsibilities as it relates to the management of the ChikV and other public health matters at the national and community levels.

As such we condemn all attempts to destabilize, mislead and cause unnecessary panic among the people of Grenada. We also condemn all insults and attacks on our staff and volunteers. We salute our hard working committed and dedicated staff that gave and continue to give yeoman services to the people of Grenada, Carriacou and appetite Martinique at this time. "Hats off to you"!

In light of the above the MOH reassures its partners/stakeholders and the Grenadian people that it remains focused and committed to the task at hand, while at the same time serving our nation's health interest and will continue to what is recommended, by our international, regional and Grenadian health experts.

Finally, the MOH again will like to thank its staff, SGU, PAHO, the National Tasks-force, NGO's, Sandals La Source, TAWU, La Qua Bros, MOS, MOW, GMA, NAWASA, GIS, HMP, RGPF, MBIA, MNIB, MWAG, our garbage collectors, truckers, the religious communities, media houses, the Imanis, all community groups, organizations and individuals for their continued support.
We will not be distracted or discouraged.

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