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Monday, November 24, 2014 3:24 PM - George's, Grenada
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ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, 24 NOVEMBER, 2014 – Ministry of Youth, Sports, and religious Affairs:            The placement of participants to various ‘job training sites’, under the Ministry of Youth, Sports and Religious Affairs’ The New Imani Program, continues.

The Ministry has placed heavy emphasis on attaching its trainees to establishments/training areas where they have had prior experience, qualification or interest.

For the trainees placed at Fletcher’s Creation in Birch Grove, St. Andrew, garment production is all they ever wanted to do.

The small group of five, has been through the introductory stages of sewing, and is now measuring, cutting and producing professional attire for hotel workers, nurses, school children and business women.

Facilitator, Mrs. Celia Fletcher, said she is very satisfied with the interest level and the productivity of the trainees. She pointed out that with their various unique abilities, their performance can only get better.

“Excellent. This team is quite unique, they have different abilities, there are some strong in different areas. Well for Chrissie, Chrissie is well rounded anything you cut and give her she can make it. Len is really good, as the only male.

We are so happy to have him. He is, as he said, the King on the block,” Ms. Fletcher said. “He handles the machine very well. As a matter of fact every one of them handles the machine very well. Maybe one or two of them may not be able to cut, but anything I cut and give to them they can make it, whether is dress, skirt, blouse whatever.”

When asked if the trainees made a good transition from the life skills classroom setting to on-the-job training, she commended them on their level of professionalism. Fletcher noted that they are disciplined and are functioning quite well as a team.

The trainees are happy they were given a chance to fulfill their dreams in garment production. “I’ve always had a passion for sewing - for creating my own. My father was a tailor and that is something I always wanted to do. When I finish under this program, I will do another course and hopefully open my business one day”.

The group commenced their training at Fletcher’s Creation on October 15th 2014.




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