Ministry Staff participate in Capacity Building Workshop

Tuesday, November 4, 2014 12:05 PM - George's, Grenada
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The Ministry of Youth, Sports and Religious Affairs held another in its series of weekly, capacity building workshops for staff.

The sessions are geared primarily towards helping the workers develop self-confidence, good working habits, ethical behavioral patterns and professional skills in the work place.

On Friday, featured presenter, Mr. Kelvin Dottin, Coordinator of Religious Affairs within the Ministry, gave a detailed presentation on ethics. He outlined some of the reasons for being ethical, obstacles that hinders positive behavior, dilemmas, skills and some suggested solutions to combat the problems of unethical behavior, in the work place.

Dottin also emphasized that ethics involves the commitment to do what is right, good and proper. In addition, being ethical leads to higher self-esteem, the admiration of loved ones and the respect of peers and co-workers.
“Set the bar for how you would like to be treated.

Treat me as you will like to be treated, speak to me like you want to be spoken to and respect is earned by whom it is given.”
During an interview following the sessions, the Religious Affairs Coordinator said ethics helps us to develop better communities and a more harmonious atmosphere, in the work place.

He further stated, “Ethics is learnt. No one is born with ethics, as it comes through practice, understanding and developing the necessary skills and it is more than just following basic rules.”
Dottin is adamant that being ethical will increase productivity; which will benefit workplaces, churches and society.

“Productivity will increase and better relationships among workers will be developed, which will be beneficial to the society at large, as often times many persons violates the rights of others in society, thus loosing respect for ones’ self and others.”
Workers were also engaged in the discussion of topics such as Informal Education, Listening Skills, Emotional Intelligence and Team Work.




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