David wants to assist in Nation Building

Friday, May 30, 2014 3:06 PM - George's, Grenada
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ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, May 30, 2014 – GIS: Former Tourism and Foreign Affairs Minister in the NDC Administration, Peter David, said that he is keen to make a meaningful contribution to the growth and development of Grenada.

David, who on Tuesday May 22nd, joined the governing party, said that he is fed-up with the tribalism, which has over the years been stagnating the country and affecting serious and meaningful development.

The former Member of Parliament for the Town of St. George is heartened by the efforts of the government to build a vibrant economy and wants to assist.

“The reason I joined forces with the brothers and sisters of the New National Party, is simply because I believe in Grenada and, in order to build Grenada, we all need to join in this project, join with Prime Minister Mitchell and the party to build this country,” the former Member of Parliament for the Town of St. George said.

“I am absolutely fed-up with the tribalism. I believe that we all need to find a way; even in our communities,” pointing out that unity is not only needed at the political level.

“Let us find one common cause, which is Grenada. Let us build New Hampshire, Boca, Willis, Beaulieu… Let us build all of the villages together, because it is the only way we will move forward.”

A confident and bubbly David announced that the New National Party’s Administration would be strengthened with several others ready to follow in his footsteps.

“A good friend of mine called me today and told me that I should get fifty NNP forms for him because [he has] people who want to join,” he said, adding that this is what is predicted to happen in the coming weeks. David urged his fellowmen to unite in the interest of their beloved country.

“Let us build our communities together. Let us join with the Prime Minister, who made the call for unity and has been trying to bring the country together.” David called on nationals to follow in the footsteps of their leader and actively participate to build Project Grenada. “Don’t only see this unity thing as only happening at the political level; see the unity the Prime Minister is talking about from the level of the community,” David said.




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