New day dawns for Grenada's Healthcare

Tuesday, March 25, 2014 3:39 PM - St. George's, Grenada
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The Grenada Government is setting the stage for medical advancements with the use of modern digital medical equipment that can enable the country to enjoy endless benefits with the use of E-medicine.

Over 2m East Caribbean dollars worth of digital medical equipment was officially put into operation at the general hospital during a formal ceremony that was broadcast live via radio, television and internet, on March 17.

The ceremony which signaled Grenada's entry into the medical tourism industry and the advent of E-medicine was attended by Prime Minister - Dr Keith Mitchell, Health Minister - Dr. Clarice Modeste-Curwen, Dr. Charles Modica - Chancellor of St. Georges University, along with other government ministers, university officials and members of the diplomatic corps.

Speaking to thousands of Grenadians at home and abroad the Hospital’s Medical Director - Dr. Kester Dragon said Grenada is well on its way to the modernization of healthcare.

He also highlighted the importance of the equipment in the practice of medicine and its life saving benefits.

“A few years we saw the need to have screening processes for cancers of the gastrointestinal tract which if diagnosed early can lead to good treatment and curable condition in these areas and with the endoscopy that is now possible,” Dragon told the gathering.

In relation to cost saving measures Government will save thousands of dollars with the use of the digital equipment since the new digital x ray machine will no longer be relying on film exposure for image production nor will Government have to source Oxygen externally.

It was put into context by Dragon who is one of the leading orthopedic specialists on the island.

“Having our own Oxygen plant is indeed a breath of fresh air. It can be used throughout the entire hospital and it is very heartening to know that it will be of benefit to the Princess Alice Hospital in St. Andrew and Princess Hospital in Carriacou because for many years the shortage of Oxygen has been a big challenge to our doctors and nurses,” Dr. Dragon told thousands of Grenadians via radio, television and internet..

He added that with the digital ultra sound and X-ray machines will boot the levels of operation within the imaging department.
“This is certainly standard of care.

I am please to say that as medical technologies advance so to our endeavor to improve should continue. I can tell you that have such equipment means that the need for bulky film will be eliminated, and it will improve and enhance the medical practice since the images can be obtained in quicker time with easier access to healthcare providers, without the need for physical storage”, the Hospital’s Medical Director explained.

With the introduction of these new installations of digital medical equipment at the General Hospital it is reported that a number of medical specialists are expressing interest in providing advanced medical services at the hospitals.

However while Government continues to collaborate with stakeholders to improve access and the delivery of care to Grenadians, plans are in the making for the installation of a digital x-ray system at the Princess Hospital in St. Andrew.






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