Greater Grenville Project underway

Monday, June 16, 2014 12:51 PM- George's, Grenada
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ST.GEORGE’S, GRENADA, June 16, 2014 – GIS: The people of St Andrews have been assured that the Greater Grenville Project is very much on stream.

The 30 million dollar project that was conceived in 2003 by the New National Party (NNP) Administration of Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell, has surfaced in the ongoing Constituency Forums.

The assurance from Agriculture Minister the Hon. Roland Bhola, as he spoke at the recent St. Andrew Southwest Constituency Forum in Munich.

He said that the soon to be commissioned Bus Terminal and the Modern Day Abattoir-the best in the Eastern Caribbean are important features of the Greater Grenville Project, which also includes the expansion of the shopping area all the way up to the old Airstrip in Pearls.

Minister Bhola said that the project is part of government’s plans to establish modern day shopping facilities in the various towns around the country.

“The idea we have is that Grenville as a town should be expanded. What we have now should become the pedestrian town”, he said, noting that there will be other development as they proceed.

“I cannot tell you if it will happen now or next year; but as the resources come and the economy gets better we are looking at expanding the business areas as far as the Airstrip in Pearls down to Soubise”, Bhola said adding that there are also plans at developing the roads, sidewalks and parking areas to enhance the town of Grenville.

If everything had gone as planned back in 2003, the EC$ 30 million dollar project would have been completed or nearing completion at this time.

An upset Prime Minister Mitchell said that the project was neglected by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Government, who took office in 2008, after the ambitious venture had gained the firm support and approval of the Caribbean Development Bank (CDB).

Dr. Mitchell said that the project was halted because the then Finance Minister Nazim Burke, had challenged the credibility and professionalism of the engineers from the (CDB) and at home as well as the international consultants.

“They went and interfered with the project and it took another three years, which is costing an additional EC$ 3 to 4 million; so the project had to become smaller”, Prime Minister Mitchell explained.

“So today, we are opening a project that is inadequate; one which should have been finished in 2009. The Greater Grenville Project should have been well advanced, almost completed; satisfying the needs of the people of St Andrews”, Prime Minister Mitchell explained.

He indicated that unlike the (NDC), the New National Party (NNP) Government is building on some of the good projects that were in place by the former administration for the benefit of the country.




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