Ministry of Social Development to launch Pilot Data Management System

Thursday, July 31, 2014 11:10 AM - George's, Grenada
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ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, July 31, 2014 – GIS: In an effort to harmonize data collection by Gender-based violence service providers, and present a simple system to manage gender-based violence data, the Ministry of Social Development and Housing, in collaboration with the Grenada National Organisation for Women and the Legal Aid and Counselling Clinic, will launch the 2-month pilot phase of Grenada’s first Gender-based Violence Incident Recorder Tool on August 1.

The Gender-based Violence Incident Recorder, or GBV – IR, is a form that allows first responders, intake officers and case workers to collect data that is clear, accurate and useful in determining how gender-based violence cases should be treated.

On Monday, July 28, 18 participants, comprising social development officials, representatives from the Grenada National Organisation for Women, the Legal Aid and Counselling Clinic and other gender-based violence advocates attended a 1-day workshop at the Public Workers’ Union Building to be familiarized with the technical and administrative procedures of the data collection tool.

Speaking at a brief interview with the GIS, Gender Analyst within the Ministry, Jicinta Alexis, said she recognizes the need for such a tool within the system, as research has shown that data collected over the years have not been truly reflecting the Gender-based violence situation in Grenada. She said that a results-oriented response to the issue requires more consistent, systematic data management.

“Because there is more than one agency involved in addressing gender-based violence issues in Grenada it is often hard to get reliable and consistent information,” Ms. Alexis explained. “We have been working on the process of beefing up data collection to ensure that all our partners will be on the same page, in terms of how definitions are and what our response will be,” she said.

The Gender Analyst said that this will allow them to “have a more coordinated response when addressing gender-based violence.”

Also among the expected outcomes of implementing the GBV-IR are improved accuracy in incident recording, better-informed decision-making and standardization in the collection of data.

Planning Officer, Samuel St. Bernard, pointed out the data that can be used to garner support from regional and international donor agencies and institutions.

“This GBV tool will assist us in collecting primary data which can be used and analysed to make informed decisions, so when we are approaching programme development or donor agencies, we can have the statistics to back it up. Not hearsay, but sound evidence,” he said.

Already, the Ministry has been receiving positive feedback for this initiative and hopes that from the 2- month pilot phase it can gather vital information to make the data collection tool even more effective in going forward.




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