Airport Reports Major Growth;PM Mitchell briefed at unprecedented staff meeting

Thursday, July 31, 2014 10:55 AM - George's, Grenada
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ST. GEORGE’S, GRENADA, July 31, 2014 – GIS: The Maurice Bishop International Airport and the Grenada Airports Authority have reported an almost quadrupled increase in their projected growth rate for this year, which the staff attributed to new management—specifically the General Manager in the person of Ms. Wendy Williams.

A safe destination; new initiatives in Tourism and Civil Aviation to increase services to passengers, such as the removal of immigration procedures on departure; promotion in new markets, and a renewed vision for Grenada’s tourism product, are all things that were introduced by Ms. Williams.

The revelations came about in Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell’s unprecedented all-staff meeting at the Maurice Bishop International Airport, held on Tuesday, July 29th.

The open forum to engage the Prime Minister, the Minister of Tourism and Civil Aviation, Honourable Otway-Noel, and the management of the MBIA, was lauded for not only being the “first of its kind in memory” but for bringing “heart and encouragement” to the workers of the MBIA.

Prime Minister Dr. Keith Mitchell reminded the workers that Government is committed to getting our country back on solid economic standing, and in order to do so, we need to have every sector on board.

As Minister of National Security, the Prime Minister reminded that "every person who works at the airport is an ambassador because we cannot joke around with security."
The employees, while complimented for their good work thus far, were reminded that there is much left to do to ensure that they optimize their role in being the first faces seen and the first services offered on our shores by airline travellers.

According to Prime Minister Mitchell, “it only takes one or two employees at the airport to spoil the entire image of the airport, and by implication, the country.” He therefore urged that the employees, starting with management, “not allow our egos and power to run away with us because the effects can be damaging on our own brothers and sisters.”

In executing their tasks, Prime Minister Mitchell reminded workers that they “do not have to be crude or nasty” and that they need to be their “brothers’ keeper and not protect a sister or brother that is damaging the country because they are affecting the livelihood of every citizen.”

The meeting at the airport, which was deemed timely given the carnival season which has already brought scores of visitors to our shores, had as its highlights major compliments given to the government for initial steps in engaging the workers, and working to solve a number of systemic problems, which, by implication, increases revenue for the country, and promotes Grenada as a prime destination.

The open forum saw the workers asking for government and management to do more to meet the needs of handicapped or disabled passengers in its physical services; the need to invest in new equipment; and the continued professional development of workers.

Prime Minister, the Minister of Civil Aviation and the General Manager noted the concerns and pledged to address as per the availability of resources.

Given its strategic role in our nation’s development, Prime Minister Mitchell pledged to give Government’s full support to the enhancement of airport services and personnel in the true spirit and message of team work for economic revival, because, according to Dr, Mitchell, the airport is the “one place where no one can afford to be selfish; and anyone who puts [himself or herself] first, ahead of the job or country, cannot be working at the airport.” The airport therefore, is everyone’s business.




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