Dr. Angus Friday - New Washington Ambassador

Thursday, May 23, 2013 8:56 PM - St. George's, Grenada

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ST. GEORGE'S, GRENADA, Thursday, May 23, 2013- GIS: Grenada’s former representative to the United Nation’s, Angus Friday, is returning to the Diplomatic Field. He is leaving his prestigious job at the World Bank, which he confidently held for about three years to be Grenada’s Ambassador to Washington. He was unceremoniously dismissed as the Country’s representative to the UN by the National Democratic Congress (NDC) Government of Prime Minister Tillman Thomas, after it won the 2008 General Elections.

Friday replaces Gillian Bristol. Foreign Minister the Hon Nicholas Steele made the announcement Wednesday morning May 22nd, at a Press Briefing in the Cabinet Room. He said, that after much debate the decision was taken to appoint Angus Friday. “The new Ambassador will be Dr. Angus Friday. Dr Friday has served this country before as Permanent Representative to the United Nations”, he disclosed and added that they are expecting him to do a good job.

The Foreign Minister indicated, that it took a lot from the Government to force Dr. Friday to leave his handsome job at the World Bank to serve his country again. “We have been able to woe him away to serve his country once more”, Steele told reporters.  Responding to questions about new appointments at the Diplomatic Office in Toronto and the United Nations, the Foreign Minister said, that there are no changes planned for Toronto and confirmed that a new Ambassador will be appointed to the United Nations.

“Toronto is a Trade and Tourism Mission. We are in discussions now to find a smaller and cheaper location for Toronto.” Regarding the job at the United Nations, he said, that he could not disclose the name of the new Ambassador; but assured the press that a new appointment is on the way.  “There will be a change. Ambassador Dessima Williams has been recalled already.”

The Foreign Affairs Minister also confirmed, that the former Member of Parliament for St David, former Tourism Minister and former Ambassador to China, Joslyn Whiteman, will be the new Ambassador to London, replacing Ruth Rouse, who held the post for some time. He indicated, that they are changing their location in London because of budgetary constraints. “I will say that, we are moving to a far more prestigious location from where we are and at little or no cost.”









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