Redjet CEO holds preliminary discussions with representative of the Grenada Airlift Committee

Monday, June 20, 2011 9:33 AM

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St. George’s June 17th 2011:Chairman and CEO of REDjet, Ian Burns, on Friday held preliminary discussions with representatives of the Grenada Airlift Committee as a first step to making an official application for a license to service the Grenada route.

Minister for Tourism and Civil Aviation, Peter David, described the discussions as "only preliminary,'' saying government will be prepared to consider all factors in the interest of the tourism sector and the Grenada economy.

“We are interested in increasing travel within the region, both in terms of tourism and the integration movement,” David said following Friday’s meeting.

When asked about the likely impact of REDjet on longtime regional carrier LIAT, the Tourism Minister said government is supportive of the sustainability of LIAT. But government also has a responsibility to restore the declining numbers of persons traveling within the region, he added. 

Burns said the REDjet's goal is to provide low fares to the Caribbean.

“We want to be able to help everyone to fly. Our objective is to stimulate travel and growth within the region and not to take business from anyone,” he said. 

In response to queries that previous airlines once had the same approach and are now out of existence, the REDjet CEO remarked that their business model has been tried and tested and has sustainable potential.

It can possibly take up to 12 weeks for all the pieces to fall into place from Friday's preliminary round of talks before the airline actually commences operations.

Both parties are expected to meet prior to the application for an air transport licence, and the submission of a proposal and recommendation to Cabinet by the Grenada Airlift Committee.





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