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Friday, June 17, 2011 10:38 AM

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ST. GEORGE'S, GRENADA, THURSDAY, JUNE 16TH, 2011 – A more aggressive approach is being taken to market Grenada's biggest cultural festival – Spicemas – to Grenadians in the Diaspora.

To this end, the Grenada Carnival Committee (GCC) and the Ministry of Culture have jointly undertaken official international Spicemas launches in London and Toronto, two cities known for having large Grenadian communities.

According to Minster with responsibility for Information, Culture and ICT, Senator Arley Gill, Grenadians in the Diaspora form the best and first market for Spicemas.

As such, greater emphasis is being placed on luring them home for the festival, the Minister said during a sitting of the Upper House on June 16.

"We believe that if we have sufficient Grenadians coming from the Diaspora, from Toronto, London and Trinidad, we might very well find ourselves having no space for anybody else," he said.

"Grenadians in London, for instance, work for the same currency as any English person and when they come to Grenada, it is that currency that they spend.

" The first of the international Spicemas launches was May 14.

A local contingent that included Minister Gill visited London, England, showcasing soca, calypso and pan to Grenada's Diaspora. This initiative was followed up on May 21 when Spicemas was launched in Toronto.

In addition to the sounds of soca, calypso and steelpan, Grenada's traditional and fancy mas was also portrayed. Another launch is planned for neigbouring Trinidad and Tobago on June 28.

This time, said Sen. Gill, the Grenada Board of Tourism will join the GCC and the Ministry of Culture in ensuring that the event proves even more successful than those held in London and Toronto.

Sen. Gill said it is important for visual displays of Spicemas to be used in selling the product to potential patrons. "It is not sufficient to promote carnival with brochures," said the Minister.

"Carnival is a visual act; and as such, it is extremely important that we bring life to our promotions and creations.

" Spicemas, which culminates August 8 and 9 with parade on the streets, is Grenada's biggest cultural festival.

It is known not only for attracting visitors to Grenada's shores, but also for generating revenue for all sectors of Grenada's economy.




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