Grenada is the best governed country in the Caribbean

Wednesday, June 15, 2011 10:27 AM

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BROOKLYN, NEW YORK, JUNE 15, 2011:¬† After three years in office, Grenada’s Prime Minister says he is convinced that his country is the best governed state in the region, a far cry from what his party sees as 15 scandal-plagued years of its predecessor.

Hon. Tillman Thomas, who is also Leader of the NDC, told Grenadians in New York that his government has achieved significant progress in many areas, even though it has had to deal with a crippling worldwide economic recession.

Prime Minister Thomas was in New York for more than week for, among other things, to attend a United Nations conference on HIV/AIDS.

On Sunday, the Prime Minister and his Tourism Minister, Hon. Peter David, met Grenadians at a town hall meeting in Brooklyn.

¬†“If there is one thing no one can question today is the good governance of Grenada, notwithstanding the economic problems we are facing,” Prime Minister Thomas said to cheers. “Grenada is the best governed country in the Caribbean, and it’s a record we can defend.”

The Grenadian Prime Minister said his government has scored well, particularly in the area of agriculture. He noted that there has been a big increase in production of nutmegs and cocoa, the islands’ two main export crops.

He also said Grenada is beginning to add value to its agriculture products, pointing to a new chocolate factory being built in St Mark. The factory should be operational by year’s end, said Mr Thomas.

The Prime Minister said his government has also been sensitive to the needs of the many Grenadians who have been struggling in the face of the worldwide recession.

Government, he said, has extended its social programmes to help marginalized people, pointing to the example of the distribution of stoves and gas cylinders to scores of people in St Patrick, St Andrew, St John and St Mark to help wean them off cooking with firewood.




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