Minister congratulates Flow Grenada on IPV6 readiness

Friday, June 10, 2011 2:52 PM

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ST. GEORGE'S, GRENADA, FRIDAY, JUNE 10TH, 2011 – Flow Grenada is being praised for its internet protocol version six readiness and for its participation in Wednesday's global celebration of IPv6 Day.

Minister with responsibility for Information, Culture and ICT, Senator Arley Gill, commended the internet service provider for responding favourably to government's request to do all it can to ensure that Grenada is IPv6 ready.

"Since last year we began communicating with our internet service providers to make sure Grenada makes the transition from IPv4 to IPv6," the Minister said.

"I believe it was an excellent and progressive move by Flow to demonstrate that they are IPv6 ready.

I'm very gratified that Flow has demonstrated that."

IPv6 is a numeric address assigned to a computer, cellular phone or any other device attempting to access an internet network.

It will eventually replace the currently used protocol, internet protocol version four, referred to as IPv4, which is in danger of running out by year's end.

In light of this, the Minister believes everything, including educating users, must be done to ensure that the transition from IPv4 enabled networks to IPv6 enabled networks goes smoothly.

Accomplishing this, however, will take the effort of everyone involved, Sen. Gill said.

"This must be a collaborative effort between the private sector and government," he said.

Though the Ministry of Information and Communication Technology will be spreading awareness through television programmes, Gill believes the service providers – such as Flow and LIME – should take the lead in ensuring that their costumers understand the initiative and are also on board with preparing for IPv6.

IPv6 Day was celebrated globally on Wednesday, June 8. The Internet Society-sponsored event offered internet businesses the perfect opportunity to globally test their systems' IPv6 readiness.

The Internet Society, a non-profit organization, is dedicated to the development and use of the internet for people worldwide.

It has bureaus across the globe, including one in Argentina to serve Latin America and the Caribbean. More than 430 websites, including popular sites like Facebook, Google and Yahoo offered both IPv4 and IPv6 test runs on Wednesday.

Flow Grenada, which has been testing its IPv6 readiness since 2009, allowed its consumers to access the IPv6 sites during the day's exercise.

The multi-media company has been very supportive of government's initiative to transform Grenada into a knowledge-based society.

Along with LIME, Flow Grenada was a major sponsor of the recently concluded ICT Roadshow – TEXPO – that was sponsored by the Government of Grenada and the Caribbean Telecommunications Union.

Additionally, working with LIME, the National Telecommunications Regulatory Commission and government, Flow helped Grenada become the first country in the English-speaking Caribbean to operate its own Internet Exchange Point.




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