Launch of Energy Poverty Relief Programme

Wednesday, June 1, 2011 10:40 AM

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St. George’s, Tuesday May 31, 2011- Petro- Caribe has partnered with the Government of Grenada, “To Illuminate Lives and Energise Hope”; 

 the theme for Government’s Energy Poverty Relief Programme, the focus of which is to eradicate poverty in Grenada by facilitating people with 

reasonable and sustainable energy.

On Friday May 27th 2011, Government launched its Energy Poverty Relief Programme, and distributed the first set of stoves, with 

accompanying 20 pound cylinder cooking gas, to 32 needy families in the parish of St. Patrick.

In preparation for the launch of the program, an energy survey was conducted throughout the island to identify Grenadians 

who are eligible for the program.

In speaking at Friday’s ceremony, Prime Minster Tillman Thomas said that the struggle against poverty is one that all must be involved in,

with Government providing technical support. He said “we have to attack poverty on all fronts…we have resources in our country and if 

we train our people to develop these resources, we can be more prosperous as a people.”

Social Development Minister, Honorable Sylvester Quarless, who was also in attendance, said that lack of access to basic commodities can 

hinder economic and social development. He further stated that this is why the project is aimed at reduction in the reliance on Bio-Mass material 

like firewood and charcoal as the main source of energy. He said that his Government believes that their people need a ‘hand up’ and not a ‘hand out’.

Under the program, the stoves and the accessories remain the property of the Government for two years, upon receipt of the stove and accessories, 

a family representative must sign an agreement to these terms.

The program has the support of OPEC who may fund a further expansion of the program to include the retro-fitting houses and the provision of energy to those homes.

The second set of stoves will be distributed in the parish of St. Andrew on Friday June 3, at the Victoria Park in Grenville.




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