Open season for hunting widlife game species

Wednesday, August 31, 2011 1:21 PM
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St. George’s, Tuesday 30th August, 2011: The Ministry of Agriculture Forestry and Fisheries National Parks Department Notice informs the general public that the open season for hunting wildlife game species is 1st September 2011 to December 31st 2011.

 The Department anticipates the cooperation and continued support of the general public in this regard.


·          MANICOU, Greater Chapman’s Murine Opossum  Marmosa robinsoni chapmani)

·         TATOU(Nine banded Armadillo) Dasypus novemcinctus .

·         MONKEY(Cercopithecus mona)

·         IGUANA  (Iguana iguana)

·         RAMIER (bird) Red-Necked Pigeon (Ramier Columba squamosa


Please note;

  • Hunting in the Grand Etang Forest Reserve prohibited at all times.
  • Hunting during the close season is illegal.
  • Hunting offences have a charge of (1) One Thousand dollars or a term of imprisonment for (6) six months on conviction.





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