Developing a Land and Marine Management Strategy for Grenada

Thursday, August 25, 2011 9:41 AM
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A Land and Marine Management Strategy (LLMS) for Grenada is currently being developed under the European Union funded Technical Cooperation Fund project.  A consortium of consultants lead by JECO Caribbean Inc. has been awarded the contract to develop the LLMS. They have completed a review of existing policies, legislation and regulations, and an assessment of the existing institutional arrangements for resource management. A number of focus group consultations have also been undertaken with various stakeholders.
The Land and Marine Management Strategy is expected to provide a coherent framework to ensure that national development is environmentally sustainable, while optimizing the contribution of the environment to economic, social and cultural development.  The management of our natural resources impacts all Grenadians.  It is therefore imperative that we all engage in practices that promote wise use and management of these valuable resources. The strategy will seek to provide options that would address the following, among many other issues:

  • Watershed management – excessive clearing of trees in our watershed can affect fresh water resources and increase landslides;
  • Land development – balancing the need for protection and conservation with land owners’ rights in a situation where approximately 90% of land is privately owned;
  • Sewerage disposal – pumping sewerage into the sea negatively impacts our reefs and beaches;
  • Garbage disposal – the Perseverance dump is not limitless and so we need to consider issues like separate disposal of bio-degradable garbage, the potential for recycling, etc;
  • Institutional arrangements – there are many different agencies involved in the regulation and management of our natural resources and we need to consider how to improve coordination among these agencies for greater efficiency and effectiveness;
  • Information management – there is a need for an information sharing system among agencies responsible for regulating/managing natural resources;
  • Public awareness and education – we need to ensure that all Grenadians are aware of how our behaviour impacts the environment and the eventual consequences for the quality of our lives.


Broad based stakeholder consultations on a draft strategy are planned for September, but all Grenadians are invited to submit ideas and suggestions to the consultants via the following email address: grenadalmms@gmail.com. You can access information on the project by visiting the website http://slmgrenada.org/resource/publications
Further information can be obtained from the Land Use Division of the Ministry of Agriculture by contacting Mr. Raymond Baptiste at telephone no: (473) 440-2708. Ext. 3020. or 405-4284.

Let us all play our part in ensuring that we use and manage our land and marine resources in a manner that will ensure that we reap maximum social, cultural and economic benefits, while guaranteeing the protection and sustainability of the environment.




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