Many thanked for "excellent'' Spicemas 2011

Thursday, August 11, 2011 1:50 PM

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Senator Arley GillSt. George’s, August 11, 2011 (GIS) – Senator Arley Gill, the Minister with responsibility for Culture, has promised an immediate review of Spicemas 2011 that will lay the basis for further innovations and improvements to Grenada’s annual carnival celebrations.

Among the most highly praised and strategic novelties of Spicemas were the establishment of Carnival City at Fort Matthew and the staging of the Traditional Mas’ Exposition and Competition in St. Mark.

“We must improve in areas where we have to and build on our successes,’’ Sen. Gill told the Government Information Service. “There were more Jab Jabs at the various Jouvert celebrations than I have ever seen before, and the resurgence of Traditional Mas’ was very, very heartening.’’

He disclosed that public comment about the festival has been partial to other things such as the introduction of the Inter-Col Soca Monarch competition, and the erection of bleachers from Lagoon Road to the Carenage for seating spectators viewing the carnival parade.

“We’ve also heard many comments about providing some form of entertainment on the Carenage waterfront while spectators await bands participating in Monday Night Mas’ and in the Fancy Mas’ Parade,’’ Sen. Gill said.

The Culture Minister expressed “heartfelt thanks’’ to chairman Colin Dowe and members of the Grenada Carnival Committee for what Sen. Gill described as an “excellent carnival.’’

He said carnival’s achievements are not only measured by the success of Spicemas shows, but also by the influx of visitors who provide a fillip to the local economy.

“The combined efforts of all Grenadians, including our corporate sponsors, bus operators, sanitation workers and other service providers, contributed significantly to making Spicemas 2011 a memorable and enjoyable festival,’’ said Sen. Gill. “I would like to single out the Royal Grenada Police Force whose presence was seen and felt throughout the festivities. The officers helped to maintain Grenada’s reputation for having the safest carnival on earth.’’

The Culture Minister said he was also appreciative of the support of the Trinidad and Tobago Government and Minister for Arts and Multiculturalism, Winston “Gypsy’’ Peters, who left Grenada Tuesday night after visiting for the carnival weekend celebrations.

Mr. Peters attended the National Panorama senior competition, and witnessed the crowning of Terror Kid as the new Soca Monarch and Pam Courtney as the new Calypso Monarch.

In winning, Pam became only the third woman to win a Calypso Monarch title in Grenada. The others were Lady Cynthie and Akima Paul.

“I congratulate all the competition winners in the beauty queen contest, as well as in steelband, masquerade, calypso and soca,’’ Sen. Gill said.

“It was especially refreshing to see another woman, Pam, rising to the top to take calypso’s big prize,’’ the Minister said. “Terror Kid has also signaled that he is a new force in soca music.’’

He added that Pan Ossia of St. John, as a small and rural band placing second in the National Panorama senior championship, “gives great hope for a new wave of pan talent in the outer parishes of Grenada. Pan Ossia must be congratulated.’’

Other major title winners for Spicemas 2011 included Lucozade King of the Road (Road March champion), Lavaman; panorama champions, in both the junior and senior divisions, Republic Bank Angel Harps; pan’s Bomb Tune champion, Coyaba New Dimensions; Carnival Queen, Cherrie Jones; King of the Band, RKD and Associates; Queen of the Band, RKD and Associates; and Band of the Year, Commancheros and Associates.

“It is evident that the Spicemas brand is becoming stronger and more well-established in the overseas market, particularly the Caribbean region,’’ said Sen. Gill, who is also the Minister responsible for Information and Information and Communication Technology.




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