Successful Diaspora Founding Conference, a first step

Thursday, August 4, 2011 6:12 PM

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Prime Minister Tillman ThomasST. GEORGE, GRENADA, 4th AUGUST, 2011_“Building bridges”! That’s the way Prime Minister Tillman Thomas described his government’s efforts to encourage his countrymen residing in developed countries to deepen their participation in the development of Grenada.

The Prime Minister’s comments on Thursday, followed a successful two day Diaspora Founding Conference, which attracted participants from North America, Europe and China. He said that while a “significant” portion of Grenada’s GDP depended on remittances, there is a need for a more coordinated approach to utilizing the talents, skills and investment resources of the Diaspora.

“I recognize and applaud the important role Grenadians in the Diaspora have played, and continue to play, in supporting families and communities at home, whether through remittances, charitable donations or sponsorships. Your contributions have been significant and meaningful, not just to those who benefit directly, but to our economy and our country,” the Prime Minister said. 

He hoped that the strategies and outcomes from the conference will be further crystallized, to form the basis for planned and structured collaboration between Grenada and the Diaspora.

“It is my hope that our young people, at home and abroad, will establish and cement relationships that will yield meaningful, mutual and sustainable benefits, while those Grenadians who choose to retire to their homeland, will find a friendly, peaceful and welcoming environment”, the Grenadian leader said.

The Prime Minister said he is encouraged by presentations from the Diaspora, which outlined some specific proposals for government’s consideration, especially in areas of education, health and investment.

 He said the government will move forward with the appointment of an “Ambassador to the Diaspora”, who will be given the responsibility for coordinating activities geared at strengthening the implementation of the Diaspora initiative.

The Government has designated August 5th to 18th 2012, as “Grand Home Coming” as it seeks to attract as many persons of Grenadian heritage as possible, to Grenada as part of the strengthening of the dialogue and enhancing the opportunities for greater cooperation.




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