Declaration on the Grenadian Diaspora: Partnering in Nation-Building (Adopted on 3rd August, 2011, Grand Anse, St. George's, Grenada)

Wednesday, August 3, 2011 10:02 PM

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RECOGNIZING the invaluable contribution that the Grenadian Diaspora throughout the world is called on to make to the economic, social, cultural, human and political development of Grenada;

DESIROUS of making available the wealth of our individual and collective resources, expertise, networks, and perspectives to the benefit of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique;

DESIROUS ALSO of returning to Grenada to live and to be fully integrated in the daily undertaking of nation-building;

WELCOMING the engagement of Grenadians living in Grenada;

AWARE of the need to partner with the Government and People of Grenada as well as with all Grenadian Diaspora communities, in a multifaceted, strategic and overarching approach to constructing a sustainable and inclusive plan of action for strengthening our nation and defining a more sustainable development path;

WELCOMING the initiative of the Government of Grenada in instituting this consultative process with the Grenadian Diaspora and embracing our talents, commitment and patriotism to develop a rationalized approach to matching national needs and objectives with the resources and vision of members of the Grenadian Diaspora towards a more structured, coordinated and sustainable relationship between Grenadians in Grenada and in the Diaspora;

ACKNOWLEDGING with satisfaction the active demonstration of the Government of Grenada’s commitment at all levels to this consultative process with the Grenadian Diaspora as evidenced by the participation at this Founding Conference of the Governor General, the Prime Minister, and the Ministers of Foreign Affairs, Environment, Foreign Trade, and Export Development, other  members of Cabinet and Senior Government Officials;

BEARING IN MIND the challenges placed before us in the statements delivered by His Excellency the Governor General, the Honourable Prime Minister, and the Honourable Minister of Foreign Affairs during the Opening Ceremony as well as the overviews on national endeavours in education, health and sports by the respective responsible Government Ministers; and

COGNIZANT of the invaluable work done towards the realisation of this Founding Conference by Grenadians in Canada, the Caribbean, United Kingdom, United States of America, and by nationals who have returned to live in Grenada,

DECLARE OUR COMMITMENT to collaborate with the Government and People of Grenada, in a harmonised Diaspora undertaking aimed at nation-building, through the following means:

  1. The inclusion of all Grenadian Diaspora communities throughout the world as well as Grenadians who have lived abroad for many years and have returned to reside in Grenada on a permanent basis.
  1. Participation in the International Diaspora Consultative Committee (IDCC), established at this Founding Conference, to deepen cooperation and the bond among members of the Grenadian Diaspora throughout the world.
  1. Strengthening national strategies in the Five Transformational Sectors identified by the Government of Grenada, and in particular the areas mentioned at this Founding Conference in Culture, Education, Economy (Business and Investment), Health, Sports, and Tourism.
  1. The design, furnishing and implementation of a plan of action with short, medium and long-term goals.
  1. The pursuit of the following immediate goals with a view to their adoption at the Homecoming in 2012:   
    1. The elaboration of a plan to recognize and honour Grenadian Heroes;
    2. The establishment of an annual Grenada Diaspora Summer Camp to be held in Grenada aimed at educating children in the Diaspora about the home of their parents / ancestors;
    3. The establishment and maintenance of a skills-bank reflecting expertise of members of the Grenadian Diaspora;
    4. The development of a comprehensive program to preserve the cultural heritage of Grenada; and
    5. Provision of resources to assist in the functioning of the Office of Diaspora Affairs established in the Ministry of Foreign Affairs in 2009.
  2. Consultation with financial and other relevant organizations to reduce the transaction costs of remittances.
  3. The consideration of the development of a Diaspora Bond to promote investment.
  4. Engagement on possible mechanisms and instruments to increase involvement of the Grenadian Diaspora in governance.
  5. Consultation with all individuals, civil society organizations and the private sector to take advantage of their respective and invaluable contributions to this nation-building endeavour.


Our support for the planned Diaspora Homecoming, scheduled for 5th  to 18th August, 2012 and our commitment to contribute to its organization and success.

Our deepest appreciation to Prime Minister, Honourable Tillman Thomas and to the Government and People of Grenada for the warm reception and for hosting this Diaspora Founding Conference.

The success of this Founding Conference and our interest in the continuation of such consultative and interactive meetings on a more regular basis.





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