Good Reviews for New Social and Lifeskills Curriculum

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St. George's Grenada, Friday April 1, 2011, MOEPRU - The Ministry of Education has been applauded for developing an "excellent" Social and Life Skills curriculum.

President of Character Solutions International, a company that provides 'Character Education' seminars and follow-up materials for educators Dr. John Garmo has described the work of the ministry as "excellent".

Dr. Garmo a credentialed educator himself, here to conduct a three-day workshop, referred to his work here as enhancing the efforts of the ministry.

"They have some very good curriculum being developed right here by the Ministry of Education. They've done an excellent job" says Dr. Garmo.

Selected primary teachers and guidance counselors participating in the pilot of the Social and Life Skills curriculum were involved in the empowerment workshop with Dr. Garmo and his wife Janice from 29th to 31st March, 2011.

The educators spent three days enhancing their knowledge and acquiring teaching strategies that would enable them to help students build strong character.

The workshop, under the theme "Cultivating Character", is significant to the successful inclusion of social and life skills programme in the refocused national curriculum.

The idea according to Dr. Garmo is to ensure "it is as effective as possible across the island".

According to Dr. Garmo, "Character is central to all relationships" and it is therefore important that students realize its significance and cultivate their own character in an effort to develop lasting relationships.

"It's important to families, it's important to marriages, it's important to business relationships, it's important in school." Participants are hopeful of leaving the workshop better poised to aid their students in making the right choices.

"Putting me in a position like this would help me to helpthem", said one participant referring to his ability to guide students to make the
right choices.

The workshop was organized by the Ministry of Education and Human Resource Development to strengthen teacher capacity and reinforce what is already being done in the social and life skills programme.

Coordinator of the programme John Lewis says the workshop is timely as it will give teachers "New and fresh insights to help them deliver the programme in a more efficient and effective way".

Workshop sessions focused on 'What is character', 'Why have character', 'Essential character resources', 'Teaching character effectively' and 'Encouraging character based behavior'.

Resource materials were also given to the thirty-six teachers and guidance counselors, in an effort to enhance their delivery of the social and life skills programme.








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