Contract signed for Grenville market square development project drainage study

Wednesday, March 17, 2010 9:03 PM - St. George's, Grenada
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St George’s Grenada 17 March 2010: A six-month drainage study is about to commence ahead of plans for the proposed Grenville Market Square Development Project.

An agreement for the study was signed March 15 between official of the Grenada Ministry of Works and SRKN’gineering, a Guyana-based company.

The study is critical since the issue of flooding has been a longstanding problem in the Town of Grenville, said Works Minister Hon. Joseph Gilbert.

Chief Technical Officer Cecil Harris, who was present at the signing ceremony, said the Grenville study is in keeping with a Ministry mandate to curtail flooding and the damage resulting from it.

The Ministry of Works intends to undertake similar studies in the south of the island, as well as one in the Town of St. George. Mr. Harris announced that the Ministry will soon be inviting tenders for a study of the St John’s River in River Road. 

SRKN’gineering has more than 20 years experience in the development of rural/urban settings, including irrigation and drainage works.

For the Grenville drainage study, Krishna Naraine signed on behalf of the engineering company and Merlyn St. Bernard, Acting Permanent Secretary in the Ministry of Works, initialed the agreement on behalf of the Ministry. 

Mr. Naraine explained that the study will include an evaluation of the current drainage in the Town of Grenville, as well as recommendations to improve the drainage system.

SRKN’gineering will take an integrated approach to the project that will be of the highest engineering standards and will involve an environmental impact assessment, he added.

“A social impact assessment will be carried out as well  to determine the  impact that this project will have on the socio-economy of the people in Grenville and surrounding areas,’’ Mr. Naraine said.

Mr. Patrick Martin, is coordinator of the Grenada Market and Development Project, which is being funded to the tune of EC$35 million from the Caribbean Development Bank. It calls for the reconstruction of the market, an abattoir in Mirabeau and Bus Terminal at Moonshadow Park.

Minister Gilbert has described the project, which will create dozens of new jobs, as valuable to the people of St. Andrew.





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