Designs soon to be finalized for Grenville Market Project

Friday, March 5, 2010 8:35 PM - St. George's, Grenada
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St. George’s, Grenada, March 5th, 2010: Designs are being finalised for the construction of the Grenville Market Square and Development Project.

The commencement and eventual completion of the market are expected to result in major job-creation and a construction boost.

Project Coordinator Patrick Martin said the project will consist of four important components: reconstruction of the market, construction of an abattoir at Mirabeau, a bus terminal at Moonshadow Park and a drainage system for the Town of Grenville.

At the moment, preparatory work – including relocating of vendors – is ongoing to ready the market for the commencement of construction. A temporary location is also being identified for the abattoir.

With the relocation of former residents and businesses of Moonshadow Park, preparations are being made to clear the area of excess debris. Land is also being acquired for proper access to the area off Sendall Street for the proposed bus terminal.

If all goes well, said Mr. Martin, all preliminary work should be completed in June of this year, ahead of the start of the Grenville Market Square and Development Project.

The project is funded by the Caribbean Development Bank and is expected to be completed within the next 3 years.





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