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The Department of Public Administration’s mission is to sustain improved efficiency and effectiveness throughout the Public Sector by the introduction and maintenance of modern management systems and practices and the facilitation of the changes required to implement them.


DPA will be recognised for the leading role it plays in developing professionalism and effectiveness throughout the Public Sector.  Its own management practices will be a model for the Public Service of Grenada to follow, in particular, through, mutual respect and support to colleagues and customers alike.


DPA’s mandate today remains very similar to what it was when the Department was first established. The Department sees itself involved in introducing and sustaining modern human resource management practices in the Public Service, working with public service (and public sector) managers to facilitate change, and advising the Prime Minister and Cabinet on the management of the Public Service/sector.

Over the years, DPA has also performed a training and development role, not only for the Public Service, but for other nationals as well. While the Department accepts that it has a responsibility for developing public officers, it has always questioned its involvement in national training since this appears to be outside its mandate. There however appears to be some resolution to this question. In a recent meeting with officials of the Ministry of Education, it was agreed that the Ministry would take primary responsibility for national training with the necessary support from DPA, while DPA in turn would concentrate on training for the Public Service.

The Department sees itself serving a very wide range of customers, from Ministries and Departments in the Public Service, to suppliers of goods and services to the Department. A full list of the Department’s customers is detailed hereunder: -

  • Public officers including Permanent Secretaries and Heads of Department; senior managers; new entrants; technical and professional staff; middle managers; and operational staff
  • Ministries and Departments
  • Public Service Commission (PSC)
  • Trade unions
  • Political directorate
  • General public
  • Donor agencies
  • Suppliers of goods and services
  • Educational institutions
  • Private sector institutions
  • Public sector bodies
  • Non-governmental organisations (NGOs)
  • DHR’s own staff

To adequately meet the needs of its stakeholders, the Department recognises that it must get itself out of the lethargic, reactive, unresponsive mode into which it has succumbed.  The Department wants to be seen as reliable, results-oriented, warm and friendly, caring and concerned for its staff, responsive and helpful. It wants to be recognised for the improvements it has made to the Public Service, and to be a good role model for the rest of the Public Service (and beyond). To achieve this, it recognises that it has to be proactive, visionary, and customer oriented. It has to operate with a high degree of professionalism, staffed by knowledgeable and analytical public officers.


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