Government Information Service (GIS)

Last updated: Friday, 18 September, 2009


Our mission is to inform the people of Grenada and the Diaspora about the institutions, policies and programmes of the Government of Grenada, so as to foster awareness and understanding and at the same time provide an avenue for the views and concerns of the people.

The Government Information Service (GIS) is a department of the Office of the Prime Minister. The head of the department is the Director of information. 

The department is divided into four (4) Production Units:

  • Television/Radio
  • Library/Archive
  • Print/Media/Internet  
  • PA/Technical Support

Each department is supervised by a team of Production Heads.

  1. Television/Radio

    This unit is tasked with the supervision and operation of the Cable Channel, GIS Channel 12. In addition, this unit also produces a series of current affairs programmes for the channel which are broadcasted on the respective commercial stations in the time allotted to government.  The TV current affairs programmes include a live 90 minute interactive magazine morning show, and a live News Hour, along with other produced programmes.  Private producers contribute regular programmes, covering a wide range of community issues.

    The radio-programmes are pre-recorded and consist of a ten minute news file distributed to all media, a 30 minute magazine feature activities of the government and a five-minute topical presentation.


    • At the Round Table (TV)
    • Health Matters (TV)
    •  Social Corner (TV)
    • Perspectives – from Her Majesty Opposition (TV)
    • Info-View (TV)
    • The Nation’s Business (TV)
    • NaDMA Update (TV)
    • Spice Morning (TV)
    • In ah Nutshell (radio)
    • On the Move (radio)
    • GIS News File (radio)

  2. Archive/Library

    Maintains and preserves all broadcast and print material, as well as undertaking research for the production of various GIS programmes.

  3. Print/Media/Internet

    Produce special editorials, features, commentaries, especially for the print media. In addition, this department is responsible for the production of GIS and Ministry magazines, and photos.

  4. PA and Technical Support

    This department provides Public Address Systems and services for Government and Non Governmental functions (conferences, seminars lectures etc.).  It is also responsible for PA and Audio recordings of all sittings and meetings of the upper and lower Houses of Parliament. 

    Technical support in the form of supervision and equipment is also provided for Government and Non Governmental functions.  The unit also maintains and services its equipment. 


The Government Information Service (GIS) provides the following services to Ministries and NGO’s:

  1. Writing news stories (feature stories and photo captions to be added soon)
  2. Disseminating news to media houses (feature stories and captioned photographs to be added soon)
  3. Broadcasting daily television news stories and features on GIS Channel and all local TV stations and community cable channels
  4. Broadcasting daily radio news stories and programmes on radio outside broadcasting/provision of audio/video feed to electronic media houses of major events.
  5. Interviews
  6. National Addresses
  7. Services to come to stream
  8. E-Newsletter
  9. Live webcasting of major state/national events



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