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Mr. Kevin Andall

Mr. Kevin Andall

Kevin Andall was born and raised in La Fortune, St Patrick, Grenada. He is currently the Permanent Secretary, in the Ministry of Education, Human Resource Development and Religious Affairs, with responsibility for Education. He has been a Permanent Secretary, with the Government of Grenada, since 2016.

Academic Achievement

Andall has a Masters in Educational Leadership and Policy, from East China Normal University (2016), and a Bachelor's of Education, in Language Studies, from the University of the West Indies Open Campus (2010).

Career Achievement

Prior to being appointed as a Permanent Secretary, Andall served as Coordinator of Youth, within the Ministry of Youth Development, Sports, Culture and the Arts, from 2009 to 2016. Additionally, he has 14 years experience as an educator.

Andall has led many professional development sessions with youth workers, in Grenada, during his tenure as Coordinator of Youth. He also represented Grenada at several youth and educational leadership meetings and forums, throughout the Caribbean and internationally. Andall possesses a wealth of knowledge in the area of social programmes design and implementation, including extensive and effective negotiation and problem solving skills.

Andall’s personal and professional goals include improving the educational and social landscape of Grenada, Carriacou and Petite Martinique, through youth empowerment and the creation of improved and increased access to quality education and information. These efforts are aimed at driving country-specific, human resource development and the national development mandate, with its renewed emphasis on skills development.

Andall is committed to ensuring that the programmes and projects he is responsible for are people-focused and specifically designed to meet the needs of those directly impacted by his work.

Independent studies, related to his interests and career path, include Project Management, Adult Literacy, Innovation in Education, and TVET.

Andall’s continued focus is defined by a desire to employ lifelong learning, continually re-dedicate his commitment to the service of his fellow man and the improvement of the overall quality of life locally and globally.